Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 1


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I am writing this Notebook as a safety measure. If something happens to me (deities protect me), the knowledge of these events will not be lost for the eternity.

Bear with me, this does not pretend to be a book, it's just my memories, my thoughts, engraved in ink, not only to avoid being lost in the void of spoken words, but to remind me of my history, where I came from, and where I want to go.

The beginning

If you're reading this, you probably knew me, although most likely you are unaware of my past. I will write down the most important events of my past for your understanding and to remember myself the turns and twitches off of my life.

Back on Earth, still a teen lost in a world of interests, greed and promises of adventures, I "joined" Genesis Star (what I thought at the time, although the truth is I was deceitfully recruited). At the age of 14, unaware of the evil dark interests of the Big Space Exploration Corporations, and pushed to the limit of my strengths by childhood dreams of adventures, I became one of their Operatives, only to find out later, that I was the youngest Operative ever recruited.

Being an orphan, I have no remembrance of my parents, and the reach of my memories lead me to wondering in the streets, surviving among the homeless. The dream of adventure and space travel was possibly the spark that pulled me to embrace the path that led to being who I am today.

My hard work caught the attention of Genesis Commanders, and they decided to "arrange" a school phase in the "Research and Intelligence Department" at Chikara Corp., while in fact I was only "spying" on their space exploration plans.

By the age of 16, things got even more complicated. Omegaton Inc. found out I was a double agent, and "recruited" me as their Operative. During the next 3 years, I was trained as a Quad-Wing Pilot by Omegaton, and in a complex and dangerous operation was sent to work at RDI, leaving Genesis Star and Chikara Corp to believe that I was working exclusively for each of them.

It was during that period I meet Michael, the first person I really trusted. Although I trusted him with my life, it was only later after I left Earth that I could tell him what I really was. For my, and most importantly, for his safety, I kept my activity as an agent a secret.

Untitled2.png First time I saw Michael was during Pilot training. We came to be good friends, confidants, the friendly shoulder to lean on when things go wrong. During these 3 years we were inseparable. Michael, my first boyfriend and I, both knew our feelings, but we never had the courage to express it, but then everything had gone wrong, and I had to escape...

The mission was doomed to fail from the beginning. I am just surprised I made it work for 3 long years. Acting as triple agent, where two of the corporations were completely unaware of my activity. A big mess that could only result in disaster.

After being discovered by RDI, all fell apart. Soon, both Genesis Star and Chikara Corp. were "looking" for me. I couldn't count on any help from Omegaton, as they stood aside, covering their involvement. Running and hiding among my old street companions, the only way out before getting caught, or even worse, being killed, was to leave Earth.

I ended up getting aboard a DSEC cargo ship, only to find out after the lift-off that it would be a long and boring journey. Cargo ship destination... Monria.

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

The journey

Untitled.png From all of the warp ships I could get into, I ended up in the slowest ship possible, a Mining cargo ship. Cargo mining ships are very slow, compared with other warp ships. To make the cost of transportation of mined resources cheaper, the warp drives are 3 to 4 times slower than any other wormhole jumping ship. The result was a trip that could take only a few months, trapped me inside that metal box for 3 years. Those were 3 years of boredom, although not a complete waste.

During the time aboard the DSEC ship I made many discoveries, and looking back, they were very important times, as they prepared me for the events that followed.

It was in the first weeks on board, while wandering in the dark and dirty hallways of the cargo hold that I found him. An old man, who I later discovered was from an old order of Druids, was sitting on the floor playing with strange green crystals. As I passed by him, I smiled and greeted him with a simple "Hello." He looked at me with an inquiring but affable expression.

Keeping my pace, I was about to step away when he call me, `come, come, sit here by my side.` I looked at him surprised, but having nothing better to do I complied with his request. He asked about me, why I was there, where did I come from, what I was going to do at Monria. Without revealing who I was, and the true reasons for leaving Earth, I told him that I had to leave Earth for my safety, and about my story during childhood living in the streets with the homeless.

We kept talking for hours, until from out of nowhere he gave me one of his bright crystals. While I looked surprised, he told me to keep the crystal always with me. No matter what, I should never leave the Crystal, it could save my life.

I put the Crystal in my pocket without questioning anything more, and we kept talking for a little while longer until I got hungry and needed to find something to eat.


Over the next few days, I started to have strange dreams, and sometimes felt ill. After some exams in the ship medical bay that found no physical reason to be ill, I discovered by mere chance that the cause of all this was the Crystal.

A couple of weeks later, I meet again the old druid. After greeting him, he asked if I still had the Crystal. I told him that I had it hidden, but I was not using it anymore because it made me ill.

Untitled3.png He told me to sit down and explained that the illness was one of the effects of pure Zoldenite Crystal, but that it was very important that I keep having it close to me, and try to control its influence during the dreams. If I could control the dreams, all the illness would go away.

Although all this appeared to be very suspicious, for some unexplained reason, the old druid inspired my trust. So for several weeks, in great anguish, I kept the crystal with me until I managed to control the dreams. I have to say that it was possibly the hardest nights of my life. I only saw the old man once more during the trip. He was telling tales to a group of young kids.

For the 3 long years of the trip, I dedicated most of my time learning about Mindforce, although I was unable to practice because there were no devices aboard. I also hear stories about Monria from old travelers and rumours of how the first DSEC expedition disappeared with some of their team members going crazy without any apparent reason.

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

A new Life - Monria Discovery

March 6, 3011 (2014) (I should make this my birthday, because I don`t recall my true birthday), after 3 long years we finally arrived at Monria. For the most part, it was a boring trip, and although I was enriched by extraordinary experiences...
it had to come to an end, with a completely new life about to unfold.

My first experience after arrival on Monria was indescribable. The culture, the environment, the people were nothing like Earth. There is no way to describe the feelings. Entropia System and all its Planets and planetoids are still at the brim of colonization. Things like hunting and mining are still basic skills that everyone should have to survive. We need to know how to fire a gun to protect ourselves, creatures wander freely, lurking for the opportunity to get a free meal. One can easily mine resources from the ground without the need for big exploration facilities, or craft items with the right blueprints and materials. A true vision of wilderness to explore.

The VTOL official that transported us from the cargo ship to Monria pointed out a few people who would help get us accustomed to the Moon culture. Spread out over the main population areas, several people gave us missions. Small tasks were given to help with the development of the Moon while we got acquainted with the environment, and with any luck gain some money in our pockets.

(to continue...)
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