Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 2


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Just got a message from my friend Angela in DSEC. The thief is back to no good. This time is sending email to all DESC personnel with part of my diary. Going to check what he did this time and contact DSEC IT to see if they can track the origin. I am sure his/her intentions are no good, just haven't figured out what...

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----​

The arrival at the `New World`

During the first month on Monria, one of the tasks that was asked led me to Calypso. First sight was a surprise. The New World, as colonists called it, was full of life with green landscape and strange creatures wandering around in all corners. For a couple of weeks I explored it, and challenged creatures far beyond my capabilities. Possibly the greater invention from the Imperial Government was the revival network. Although it hurts, death is usually not permanent, and it give us some comfort in a dangerous situation. It was not long before I felt the need to know more about this part of the Galaxy. What more was out there for me to find? Without delays, I took the first free ride I could find, and there I was flying through space searching for new adventures.

Adventures around the Entropia System
The urge for more knowledge started to grow again, and as soon as I was able to get enough cash to get me a space capable vehicle (that with my low funds was only a VTOL) I rushed once more into the unknown.

I departed in search of the unexpected, almost with empty pockets, but with a blind enthusiasm to find more. My first stop was Rocktropia, a strange planet, and mix of beautiful scenery and craziness. The greatest thing on Rocktropia was the MU on Vixen droid parts that allowed me to exchange my VTOL for a Quad Wing.

After a couple of weeks on Rocktropia I was ready for more adventures. Most of the time alone, I still had several new planets to discover, and so many new cultures to understand.

With only my unarmed Quad-Wing, I began the discovery of the other known Planets in the Entropia System. Toulan, Next Island and Cyrene, in that order. I visited them all and stayed for a couple weeks at each location exploring, getting to know the natives and understanding the cultures.​


While at Cyrene, one of the most important things happened. To be more precise, it was at Ancient Greece. During the weeks I stayed there I noticed a young teenager, always sleeping near the street market. What caught my eye in this youngster was how she seemed always peaceful, and even happy during her sleep.

One day I saw her awake and started to talk to her. We sat on the beach near the big, ancient boats, and talked for hours. She started to open up and we shared stories with each other. I told her some of my adventures in this side of the galaxy and on earth. Finally the talk reached the point where I was able to ask why she always seemed so happy and peaceful during her dreams.

The little one explained that the Ancient Gods of Greece tormented many people during their sleep. Her great grandfather, an old and wise descent of sorcerers, showed her how to avoid the torments. I was very impressed, and gently asked if she could teach me.

She explained that the secret was to use the power of the mind and induce a self-state of hypnosis. That way the Gods thought they are connect with her sub-conscience, but in fact she was very conscious of all that was happening.

The result was that instead of being tormented by induced dreams in the sub-conscience, she had a lot of fun "playing" and deceiving the Gods.

I was completely astonished how so young a girl was able to deceive the Gods. Over the next several days I met with her regularly, and before I left Cyrene, I was able to use this "gift" myself.​
Several months had past since my arrival from Earth. The rush of the new was vanishing. It was time to settle down. I had to make one last stop on Monria, the place where I felt a sense of real home, before going back to Arkadia.
----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

2nd Arrival at Arkadia
As I stepped out my Quad-Wing at the Arkadia Space Station to register with the IFN Space Protection Department, I saw a known face. It took me a moment to remember, but it was Elliott Serrano, former Commander of Omegaton Intelligence Division.

After a momentary panic of having been discovered and having to start all over again, I calmed down and decided to talk to him. After the greeting, it was as if nothing had happened on Earth, so we continued talking and the conversation led to a surprising result.

Recruited by GIA (Galactic Intelligence Agency), I will have an `Official` job as Investigative Reporter, although my true mission is as a GIA Operative,

Now that I had finished my discipleship, and visited most of the Galaxy, it was time to work in my skills in this hard universe people call Entropia.
----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

Arkadia, new Job, new Home
Over the next two years, my life was split between piloting and repairing a mothership, which was most of the time, and managing my little society on Arkadia while visiting Monria every time I could. In fact, I only stayed in the society I founded for a few months. Most of my society mates were my mentor's disciples, so all were in good hands. I needed to try something different. There were several people on the mothership from Natural Born Killers, and after a bit of research, it seemed the right place to move on.

As my rank in the society rose, also did my commitment and responsibilities, which also extended to the mothership Kronan where I became a warp pilot, pilot trainer, gunner, and ticket seller for warp schedules.
Monria, August 29, 3013
Every time I could I got back to Monria, and stayed for a few days.

Possibly hard to understand, or even seem odd, but I feel like my life is beginning a new cycle. Earth is now just a memory, and after all the new experiences in the Entropia system, Monria had felt more like home than ever before. After all, it was considered my birth place after leaving Earth, and I carried the title 'Monrian Born' which was given to everyone that arrived on Monria who had traveled there from Earth. It now feels official, with Earth just a distant dream.

It was busy times splitting my time between Arkadia, Monria and Space. There was not much free time for anything else.
----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

Space, Arkadia Sector, November, 3013

After breaking several Mindark Imperial Laws, renegade Broken-Ego was temporarily put in cryogenic exile. Him being a member of the renegade Aniara mothership, and in defense of his actions, the ship commander decided to self-declare as a space pirate and join efforts with space outlaws. Over the next few weeks, the renegade ship attacked and looted several ships, including ships that never had any conflict with the renegades, but this association didn't last long. Although most people think space pirates have no rules or values, that is not true. Space outlaws have their own code, and decided they couldn't abide with the renegades, so they put an end to that association.

In response, the renegades declared war with the outlaws, standing now in war with all major space forces, from all the sides....

This renegade war, grounded in their hateful behaviour, continued for several months.
----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----​
January 15, 3014

Smuggler Connection
I had just woke up when I got a video call from the captain of one of the GIA ships. GIA Councilman Serrano wanted to talk to me and was warping from the Akbal-Cimi system. It was clear that something serious was coming up. First from the fact that the Councilman was taking the trouble to warp just to talk with me, and second, from where he was warping...​

GIA Research Lab had made a full investigation based on my report, and they arrive to same conclusion. Smugglers were communicating with the Quantum Matrix Robots. GIA had already setup a meeting with IFN Commodore Toán Harvir that I would attend to transmit all the information we had.

After the debrief with Commodore Toán, I was informed that Michael from IFN Special Forces will assist in the investigation of this case. Michael, my old... friend, I knew he had joined IFN, but we never had the chance to meet again after I left Earth.

After leaving the Commodore I found Michael outside waiting for me.

It was clear that we were both a little embarrassed, but I was quite happy to see Michael again. He has turned a nice man. Last time I had seen him we were only teenagers, almost 7 years early.

He had a Quad-Wing waiting to take me to Firebase, but I wanted to do a sidewalk to clear my mind, so I told him to meet me on Firebase in the morning.

The next morning, when I was getting out of the shower, I received a video call.

Major Dav Hejcior from IFN External Affair Division. The night before, Michael Quad-Wing was sabotaged; at the same time the revival network has taken offline in that sector. Fortunately the Special Forces Armour protected him from the crash, but still with several injuries. I rushed to visit Michael on the IFN Medical facility.

He was fairly good considering the incident. I was feeling bad, the sabotage was meant for me, and I promised him to find who have done it. I said goodbye to Michael and hurried to meet Major Dav on the crash site.

IFN forensic division has recovered the remains of the explosive device, it was clearly a Smuggler device, but very advanced, nothing we had seen until the date. When detonated it also disrupted the Revival Network in that zone. The Major agreed in sending all the data to GIA Labs, so we could help in the investigation.

Arkadia, January 18, 3014
Saboteur is dead​

Two days later, Dar from GIA Forensics Lab called me during my morning workout. They were able to identify the frequency used to detonate the explosive device, and in collaboration with IFN they found the location of the emitting device. IFN surveillance cameras had also confirmed a strange individual at Resolume Firebase, I asked for IFN Major Dav to meet me at the location ASAP.

After our arrival, and positive confirmation that the individual was carrying the computer used as detonator, we engaged him. Instead of surrender she fought back. As result she was killed, but the computer recovered. Her DNA was not in the revival network, and she didn't revive, preventing us from questioning her.

I have attached the holo card with the surveillance video retrieved for GIA archives.​
(click on the card to watch)

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

(to continue...)
(it will get better, I promise)
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Yet again Anny brilliant text!!
Could't keep myself away from it!
I appriciate hard work and time you put into these!
You are the one and only Loremaster!

Thank you, but there are better Loremasters then me.

Anyway I really hope this give some incentive for more Monrians (and friends) share their adventures.
Any Planet, in this case Moon, history is made in most part by its habitants. In our particular case we have seen how true is that. How beloved Moon don't forget those who actively work to make it better.
Bring us your story, everything count. The collection of all our lives is what make Monria what it is!!!!

NOTE: For those already read the part 2, i add something that was forgotten in my draft, the Smuggler story is now complete, although was also shown in the video.
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