Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 3


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I am very upset, Angela just called me again, there is more from my diary running around in DSEC network. Sent again to all DSEC personal, and worse thing, DSEC IT have no clue who is doing it.
I may have to get another way to catch this thief...

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----​

This cover job as reported was not a bad thing. Matter of fact, I am enjoying it and it gives a good cover for my investigations. Had a few jobs already that are making me (even more) busy.

Arkadia, January 28, 3014
Stolen Firebird

I took a lunch break, but didn't have much time, there's a lot of work to do in the Studio. I hope Moonshine's Ostelok omelette is as good as they say. While waiting for the meal, a chat between two Moonshine Bar customers caught my attention.

"Did you see it? " 1st guy questioned, "Ned stole the new Firebird..."

2nd customer replied, "What Firebird? It's possible that's just rumors..."

"It's not rumors... " 1st customer commented, "I heard Ned myself at IFN headquarters..."

2nd guy retorted, "Really?"

More Smuggler issues, and this time with IFN. It was time to check in with Dar and ask her to find out more with IFN HQ.
I swiftly finished my lunch and decided to check Celeste Harbour before returning to the studio. To my amazement, the stolen Firebird was in the plaza and a Smuggler standing next to it. It was Ned Kelly himself. I had to try to get more info about all this, so I put on my innocent look.

I engaged a "random" chat with Ned. Being Ned, he couldn't resist bragging about the situation. A little incentive from my side and his dangler instincts hastily led him to invite me on a ride in the Firebird. It was my chance to find out more, and at the same time, try out this amazing machine.

After lifting off and entering Space he asked me, "Do you know how to pilot?"

"Yes, I know how to pilot," I replied.

"Great," Ned commented, "I will land on the space station, and we can change seats..."

"I will give you some locations to fly to," he continued, "there are a couple of things you may like to see..."

"Oh, catchy!" I replied with a sweet voice.

Ned gave me the waypoint which I instinctively set as a warp in the computer and we warped to the destination.

With a sweet but secure voice, Ned chattered, "There we go, a ship-collecting space creature for hunting and skilling."

After few minutes, Ned gave me another waypoint, this time Howling Mine, saying softly but with authority "Get in there..." I played the game and continued with my innocence about not knowing the place.

As we arrived he start explaining, "Here is the lair of my old friend space pirate Dread Castamir," I nod while he continued, "Don't be frightened by the name, he is good people!"

I smiled while he kept talking "he is working on some secret projects, and always looking for space travelers that can bring him some materials..."

After few minutes looking around, Ned gave another waypoint. While we warped I asked about the Firebird and what gadgets it had. Soon we arrived at our destination, an asteroid field, and Ned pointed to one of them saying "You can land there..."

As I landed the ship on the asteroid with a questioning face, he started speaking again, almost in a whisper, "It's a great place to make a trip break, and sleep over with a friend watching the asteroids."

"Oh!" I replied with a trickster smile, "you being naughty! Wooing me!"

A little embarrassed but trying to look surprised he replied, "Who? Me? ... No, no! just telling you it's a nice place to sleep over, that's all..."

I replied with an open smile, "Sure, that's all..."

With that, we warped back to Arkadia.

While I was preparing to land at the Celeste Hangars he questioned, "You are landing on IFN hangar?" laughing he continued, "don't think I am very welcome here!"

Turning around, I landed the ship at Celeste Harbour, and while leaving the ship I thanked him, "This was so nice of you, you were sweet, thank you for the flight."

In a hurry he answered "Sun is rising, time to move on before IFN slackers show up... but we will meet again soon... I hope"
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Monria, February, 3014
The beginning of a new friendship

Back on Monria for my weekly visit I finally decided to contact Dark Moon Enigma and offer my assistance on media related subjects like the History Books or any other thing needed. We talked for a long time, and decided on an unbound agreement to see how I could be of help. After several weeks working in small tasks, she proposed I make photo and video coverage of the upcoming St. Patrick's festivities.
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Arkadia, March 15, 3014
Something in the Air

Michael was still recovering in the hospital, already 2 months since the Quad crash, but he was recovering well. I planned to visit him, but first had to check news with Dar.

After being debriefed about the possible plot of a smuggler, I made a quick run to the IFN Medical facilities to visit Michael. He was recovering quickly now, and one of his old friends was there also, Chris. Something unexpected happened that day, maybe something in the air... well, after just a few minutes of conversation he end up inviting me for dinner, and I accepted...That was quite surprising, not only the invitation, but particularly me accepting. Usually I'm not that impulsive.​

Smugglers plans

Dar setup some surveillance equipment and we drove to Moonshine Bar, known to be the hangout of several Smugglers. We didn't need to wait very long until a clue about the Smuggler's hideout whereabouts emerged. Because I had to take care of some "business" the next day, I asked Dar to set up an excursion with Major Dav from IFN to the suspected location and check what Smugglers are up to.

Arkadia, March 16, 3014
Just a dinner... or something more?

It was the day for my dinner with Chris. Dar and Major Dav would take care of the Smuggler camp. I needed a day off for some rest, and to buy some clothes. Go figure, me worried about clothes for a dinner. Anyway, the best place to get some nice clothes is always Roslyn Faster shop. After choosing the perfect clothes for the dinner, and Roslyn messing with my head, telling me I was not going to a dinner but to a date, I didn't have much time to get ready, and had to run.

Chris chose a very lovely place for dinner at the terrace restaurant. The table was isolated with Shoji panels so we could have some privacy, and the place was beautifully decorated with plants. The meal was delicious, and the company even more. We spent hours talking.

He was a gentleman, funny and pleasant. He told me that after finish training as a Capital Ship Pilot he joined IFN Special Forces and was assigned to help on Cyrene where he knew Michael. He then continued telling me of some of their adventures, but time went by quickly, and it was time to go home. He asked me if he could walk me to my friend home, and I accepted.

On the way, I told him about the stories of Arkadia's 2nd moon and its connection to Smugglers, but we soon arrived at my friend's apartment.

As we said goodbye, unexpectedly he kissed me. I was surprised and possibly gave an expression that might have made him embarrassed and apologetic. My heart was pulsing like a silly teenager with rushing feelings. Before he had time to finish his sentence I whispered, "hush" and kissed him back, deeply.

Now, he was the one who was confused, and when he asked "what now?" I calmly (hiding my feelings) said it was time to go, but he could call me another day...

Arkadia, March 17, 3014
Arkadia Traitors

Dar had called me the day before about the discoveries at the Smugglers camp. Apparently, they were preparing something important, so we decided to investigate. Following the data pulled from the Smuggler's computer, we meet at the designated location. Major Dav met us there also at our request.

As we arrived, an awkward scene unfolded in front of us. IFN soldiers transferring goods (what appears to be some type of artifacts) from an IFN vehicle to the Smuggler's jeep. A gunfight began as soon we tried to stop the transaction.

After several minutes of intense gunfighting, both vehicles ended up moving in different directions. Major Dav and I followed the Smuggler's jeep, but using a high grade rocket launcher, the smuggler was able to stop our pursuit.

One question for IFN Major Dav persisted, "Why the hell is IFN soldiers working with the Smugglers?"

Major Dav shrugged saying "I don't know, I really don't know..."

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(to continue...)
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Anny you already know how i feel about these texts and videos! I am privlidged to have a chance to read and view them. I appriciate all the time and work you put into them! You once again "made my day" it's real pleasure to read and watch them at work while feeling tired or "gloomy". They cheer me up and remind that i have second but equal family waiting in Monria!:hi
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