Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 4


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Now this has to stop!, Another call from Angela, one more mail spreading parts of my diary.
If i find the thief i will....

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Monria, March 3014
St Patrick's Festivities

St Patrick's was coming up, and judging from the previous year, would be a crazy event. I didn’t have the chance to follow up in the previous year, but this year I was 100% committed to it. If for nothing else, I had been invited to make the video coverage of the event.

Although I had seen the video and photos from previous events, I never expected what happened that weekend. Truly the only words are "expect the unexpected."

Before I continue, it's important to understand how the Monria colony came to be. The first colonists were miners. This Moon without a planet was discovered by the Imperium, and soon the Deep Space Excavation Corporation (DSEC) sent a team to start digging the strange minerals found on this "Moontoid."

In what we could only imagine was already a very hard and stressful environment on a moon unknown to man, with no breathable atmosphere and very basic life-sustaining facilities, things got even worse.

Miners start to have delusions, people were going mad, there were strange disappearances and inexplicable phenomena occurring all over the place.

These experiences almost caused DSEC to shut down the exploration, but human kind is known to prevail, and against all odds, the Monria colony was established.

For the next several years after the intense experiences, and even if research were able to explain most of the strange happenings, the profound marks in everyone conscience were very real. Matter of fact, all those "incidents" were still a real thing. People just had more information about it and able to understand it better.

After Monria's new governing team took over in November 3012, it was then that the Moon Manager, Eugenio Anhithe Wilde, declared that St Patrick's Day would be the main event festivity of each year. Anhithe and his family migrated to Monria from Dublin, Ireland and it just seemed fitting to continue this traditional holiday from the Emerald Isle on Earth. This was a brilliant move that would introduce this traditional Irish holiday celebration to Monria and beyond, as well as a means to increase morale in a hostile environment.

In the first year, all was going smoothly, until the hellish deities decided to disrupt the happiness of Monrians. However, the community was not willing to let them win and fought endless battles until the beasts were defeated. And yet, in the middle of all the fuss, there was still a commitment to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

We were now reaching the time for the 2nd Monria St Patrick's Day Event. The happiness and enthusiasm was very present, but there was also some general nervousness. Everyone was expecting the big day for the festivities, but guns were ready and loaded for any eventuality.

Monria, March 18, 3014

The big day arrived, I had all my reporter equipment ready, and as the day started I began recording. There's no better way to show the unexpected than showing the recordings.

Monria, March 22, 3014
New Apartment

The most amazing thing happened after I delivered the movie of the St Patrick's Day Event weekend to the Monria Management Team. I was unexpectedly rewarded with a Monria apartment for my work. It seems like I did a good job (I did my best) and the movie was much appreciated by all. I have to say, I was a bit proud at the time, and very, very happy. Finally I have a place I can call Home, don't need to sleep in ship quarters or friends homes anymore.

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----​

Arkadia April, 3014

I had to go back to Arkadia because my new friend Dar just called me to say she had news about the Smugglers. As soon as I arrived at Arkadia I rushed to meet Dar at the GIA Lab…

(click on the holo card to watch)

I met Chris a few more times during that month, and we ended up being only very good friends despite the first encounter. He's an amazing man and always ready to help everyone. Someone that everyone would want as friend!!

But regarding friends, there were some others whose names I have to write in this little notebook. Especially people that were/are and forever will be very important to me. I am afraid to miss some, and if some day this diary gets found by someone, I hope those I miss forgive me.

Dav and SoReal were my preferred targets for tricks, Slick the reasonable, Imoyaro the strategist and supreme leader of the NBK, Granny Rowan, Commander of Kronan, and eternal NBK General with the biggest heart. Also, Bal the human parrot and my adversary in the long philosophical word battles, Misty, she knows why, Cypher the Only True Miner, and the list could go on and on.

But there are two names that have a very especial place in my heart. The youngest sister and brother that I never had, Dar Odrade and Morgoth. No matter where I am, or how long I may stay without seeing them, they will always have a special place in my heart.​

----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

Monria, May 3014
Back to Monria just after finishing my business on Arkadia, I started working very close with Dark Moon Enigma. One of her jobs was to bring the History of Monria to paper. And that was/is gigantic task that most don’t even understand the work that is needed and I wanted to help. Something like this deserves all of my support and involvement.

However, Monria has a lot more activity going on. The constant threats from the dark forces, Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, the Cultists... so many fronts to contend with that presented danger at every turn.

During the next few months, Monria was the target of several attacks from the Yogs. They were up to something. It was month after month with them coming up with a new strategy, but Monria stood its ground and battle after battle the Yogs were defeated. These are some of the epic battles where Monria prevailed:​
----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----
It was just before the Halloween festivities that something more happened, something very intriguing.

Monria, October 5, 3014

Recently, I had been having these strange dreams. They are not like the ones I had few years back because of the crystal, these are different. These dreams are so strange that I decided to figure out their source.

In my adventures through Entropia Universe, I become fairly skilled in Mindforce, and decided to self-induce an hypnotic sleep state that I learned from the teenager at Cyrene. This revealed knowledge that my dreams were in fact the work of Nyarlathotep.

I had to further research who this "Nyarlathotep" was …

'Nyarlathotep, the "Crawling Chaos," is an avatar of the Outer Gods and the spawn of Azathoth, existing as the incarnation of space, and functions as an intermediary between the deities of the pantheon and their cults.'

'Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their "messenger, heart and soul;" he is also the servant of Azathoth, whose fitful, spastic wishes he immediately fulfills. Unlike the other Outer Gods, spreading madness is more important and enjoyable than death and destruction to Nyarlathotep.'

Nyarlathotep is active and frequently walks among humans in the guise of a human being, usually a tall, slim, joyous man. He has "a thousand" other forms and manifestations, most reputed to be quite horrific and sanity blasting.

Known to influence dreams, to manipulate and cause deception, he is also the Guardian of Dreamland, the gatekeeper of the 'fhtagn shugah plateau,' one of the few places that serve as the entrance to Dreamland.

Maybe there was a connection, or maybe just coincidence, but only a couple of days after my strange dreams, the development of this obscure conspiracy led by the Yogs got even deeper. At the time, I didn't see the connection, but now know it to be a plot of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Monria, October 7, 3014
Esoteric Order of Dagon
I was at DESC Forensics, and it was during my morning walk that a disturbing conversation among a group of Monrians caught my attention. They were talking about a new cult rising on Monria, the "Esoteric Order of Dagon," I remembered that name immediately. Just recently, during my quick researching about Nyarlathotep, I came across several references to this cult.

I had to investigate this, because a new Cthulhu-supporting cult was something that Monria just didn't need right now, Cthulhu already has enough leverage. Following the lead from the conversation at DSEC Forensics, I was able to find the supposed meeting place of this Esoteric Order of Dagon.

It was for sure a place for some kind of ritual, and before anyone showed up, I hid some surveillance cameras and connected them to the DSEC network and left quickly.

Outside, I called Dark Moon Enigma and asked if I could use the Monria Research Center. She was curious about the reasons, but as I did not have much time, told her that I would tell everything later.

I got to the Monria Research Center just in time. As soon as I connected to the DSEC network, the cameras were already picking up movement.

---- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----

(to continue...)
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Captivating text and quality videos.

I like the fact you found space for the Yog events aswell.

Altho they did get me bit side tracked.

I am starting to see how things tie/joint together as a big picture.

Brilliant work yet again! <3
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