Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 6


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Finally!!! The thief was caught, or one of them at least, because it's clear he was not working alone. Everything pointed to a plot from one of the Cults working with Cthulhu against Monrians.

This may not be over yet. There's no doubt that he made copies of my diary, but for now, having him on detention seems to be holding the release of further parts of my diary.

(to continue....)


Writer notes:

Although the remainder of the stolen diary series is basically ready to be released, I have decided to hold off for a while. The reason for this comes from the fact that even if the story is based on facts from my Entropia life, there is a lot of lore connected to it. This lore is of most importance to fill the gaps, and to give meaning to the story that integrates my Entropia life with other storylines. With that in mind, the glue that connects the main events of my Entropia life is based on facts from other storylines; for example, Arkadia, and most importantly, the Monria storyline. There are also several references to the Cthulhu Myths that have been and will continue to be very important to sustain many of the experiences.

Due to these critical circumstances, it is time to take a small pause on any further releases of the diary until the next book of the official Monria storyline is published. It would not be wise on my part to reveal certain occurrences and investigative activities that have taken place without being aligned with the Monria storyline. I will tell you this much, my role with the evolution of Monria, as well as my association with DME, will bring forth new discoveries and a revelation of just how much we don't know yet.

I promise, this is not the end, just a small break…
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