Stressing the Doctor

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Hi all,

After a long day i was getting ready for bed, when *ding*, i got a PM. (Bloody timezones!)
Good friend Bug PM.
*Blah blah* and this, and that, *Blah blah* Comme ci, comme ça.
And Bug says hes a healer now, and uses Modified aidkit 2300.
I looked at them earlier, i want one, but 2300 is too small, and the bigger one is too slow.
Not happy with either.
So Bug wants to prove me wrong, and ask if i want to give it a test.
Sure why not! But i want want to hunt without armor!
"No problem, your in good hands."

*Sceptical* ok lets do some of this event jeefs. Watch for aggro.
1 jeef.
Tag 2.
Tag 3.
Tag 4 and get showered by slices.
Bleeps! Global! (2 i think)
Didnt even look the values, was just fun :)

Ok boring, lets try thawrs.

Tag 4 thawrs.
Get showered by cows.
Kills slowly to keep getting hit.
:oops Is that is?

Ok boring, if i can kill a Wahesh without armor, im impressed. A already am :D

*Go to Wahesh stalker*
Miserably dies one shot. Few times.

Ok thats the limit then.
Lets play a bit around.

*Goes to modified Wahesh event thing*

Bug: try a young first.
Me: Ok *picks a mature*
swings slice swings slice swings slice
Me: This sword is poo... im not even amped :D
swings slice swings slice swings slice

Done! Another, bigger!
And another, and another.
Ok kills about four of them with a full sword :D
Has it been an hour??
Time for bed now, its very late!

Bug: One more?
Me: *shoots*
swings slice swings slice swings slice
Bleep! Global! Eleni and Dbug looted whatever Peds.

Me: Ok now bed time :)
Bug: Tomorrow again?
Me: Its a real stupid thing to do, but was fun! tomorrow we do a bit. How much?

Bug: 10Peds

So, in the end, was already +200 on the event, and got quiete a bit more doing this hour of stupid things :D
Have a Doctor, its amazing what you can do without any gear!

Fire Dbug Fly On Toulan until at least the 5th of February (hope you dont mind!) Prices subject to change

Entropia 2021-01-30 02.30.11.png
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Eleni Von Estlla

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After a long wait! (2 days)
The second Episode of the GUIDE not a guide

And throw it all on your DOCTOR

You are greedy
You cant be bothered
You have no money
You have no gear
You have no ammo
you will need ammos
And most importantly:

not a guide IS FOR YOU!

GEAR: anything! (50 Damage a second recommended)
Armor: None! (viceroy highly recommended)

Plating: None
Healing: None (Regen6 chip recommended)
Skills: None (Lv100 terrible weapon used)


How? Do nothing! litterally!
Sit, auto shoot, have a drink, let the Doctor Work!!

Step 1. Start Slowly, always. To see If your Doctor is serious. Very important step!
Entropia 2021-02-01 23.21.59.png

Step 2. Keep your head out of the water! You have litterally nothing to do!
Entropia 2021-02-01 01.36.04.png

Step 3. Accident happens. Dont give up! We came back and kicked its butt! (wherever that is)

Step 4. Collect the MONEY!

Step 5. Dont forget to NEGOCIATE! Like on the Souk! (arabic market - lore friendly too!)

Edit: Killed about 40 mobs at ~2500HP = 2500/3+regen~10ped a mob*40=400Pedhunt+60pedaidkit 460ped= Looted1000pedlootTT
loot wahesh.png

~ Thank me later! ~
Next EPISODE! if we survive
How to take on Toulan WAVE BOSSES in adjusted PIXI !

And loot 60Ped a boss!

All items shown and displayed in this false advertisement, is property of Mindark Sweden SA. Colours, values, location, shapes, form and size are subject to change without warning. For more informations, please do not contact our friendly vocal automated mailbox on the hotline +11 000800xxx358 (25ped/min) and wait patiently for an automated operator (friendly too!) to answer you. Delays may occur. Fee may apply. Your holydays may be cancelled and the weather may drastically change by this summer. Thank you kindly for your understanding. Not Ulf.
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I LOVE this thread, SO much fun, but then most of the threads that Eleni puts together are major fun. :thumbsup

Bug, you sure are persistent, but it paid off, love it.
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