Suggestion: Monrian Cantina


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I suggest creating a small pub down the deadend hallway on the first floor. As a small break from the maddness. I could ocassionaly use a small break from the gibbering.
The pub should contain:
A bartender that serves drinks:
-that when consumed increase strength a small amount for a short while.

-Music other then the awesome Monrian soundtrack...something to make us forget the things that exist at the edges of our perception.
-Karaoke stage
-bar stools
-some non-functional, but good looking booths.

bonus points: add a small booth in there and make it an estate


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Interesting suggestion. There were a few such locations in Entropia and I believe there still are but never turned out to be very popular spots. Guess there wasn't/isn't much incentive for people to be there.


Put a full set of terminals and a TP within 10 meters of each other at the most ugly place on a planet, and people immediately will make it their home. Without it, a place will stay empty no matter how cool it is. Look at Twins vs PA, Celeste Quarry vs Harbor, RT Lagoon vs Tangerine, etc. And the Main Crater vs Hub, for that matter.
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The reason the other places failed is because there was no beer.

And good point. You should totally add full set of terminals to bar.
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