SWUNT WEEKEND /w Giveaways!


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Friday - Sunday. 2nd-4th February
From 18:00 Ingame time to 21:00 Ingame time We'll have a swunt with giveaways as an attempt to form a sweat circle going @Toulan
/wp [Planet Toulan, 134468, 93026, 109, Waypoint]
There will be heals for the entire duration.
The guns limit is TT or similiar (6 DPS Limit)
The questions or activities to win will be based upon RNG so everyone has a chance to win :) It can be something as random as "whats the number i'm thinking of from 1-100" with closest singular first entry wins. Or how many yogs (spiders) do i have infront of me IRL as this is being written (theres 3, and im in a severe need of a flamethrower)
Prize List:
-3 Aeglic Ring Adjusted (Full TT)
-3 Hermetic Ring Adjusted (Full TT)
-3 Finder-101 (Full TT)
-3 Resource Extractor RE-101 (Full TT)
-3 Mawlood Graduate (L) (Full TT)
-3 Modec VXT 100 (L) (Full TT)
-3 MAKO FAL-1 (L) (Full TT)
-3 Elysian Colorator (Full TT)
-3 Repair sets, (Full TT Vehicle RK-0 & 53000 Wire)
-ZiplexT100 Texturizer (L) (10.35 Ped TT)
-Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L) (11.46 Ped TT)
-Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L) (11.79 Ped TT)
-3 Fanoos Medical V1 (L) (Full TT)
-3 Space Thrusters (L) (Full TT)
-3 Kitty Pet
-3 Rover Pet
-1500 Nutriobar ( 250 Comes With winning a kitty or Rover )
-Pitbull MK. 1 (C,L) (9.06 Ped TT) (Oro Texture)
-Pitbull MK. 1 (C,L) (9.44 Ped TT) (Oro Texture)
-Pitbull MK. 1 (C,L) (10.01 Ped TT) (Oro Texture & Blue Paint)
-Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (6.02 Ped TT) (Ammolite Texture & Orange Paint)
-Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (5.49 Ped TT) (Ammolite Texture)
-Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (7.13 Ped TT) (Purpite Texture)
-Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (5.14 Ped TT) (Praetonium, Arkadia Hornet Leather, Brukite Texture. Yellow, Orange & Steel Blue Paint)
-3 P.A.R.A Light Lollipop
1 of each type is being given away each day with the exception of
Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (5.14 Ped TT) (Praetonium, Arkadia Hornet Leather, Brukite Texture. Yellow, Orange & Steel Blue Paint)
That will instead be something completely random that can happen at any given point ( A google randomizer will decide when )
There will also be a "grand prize" at the end of each day.
-Ares Ring (L) (9.86 Ped TT)

-Full Space Ready Sleipnir MK.1 (C,L) (Full TT) (Sicarius Commander Leather, Rare & Exclusive Diamond in the Rough Textures)
-Comes with Space Thruster, Repair set, 250 Oil,

PRX Double Dragon (C,L) (39.99 TT) (Jori Leather & Nusul Leather Texture)

I hope to see a healthy group there :)
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Perhaps in the future, I really appreciate the offer. But I chip everything from my own pocket this time so I wont feel obligated to partake in any exterior influence towards how things gets run and gets done so I can ensure the levels of fairness towards everyone and establish a baseline for how things work.

It wont be the last time this gets done, so I will be more than happy to accept donations in the future instead, I've had plenty of people offer and I really appreciate the support and help towards the EU community people have given.
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This thread can now be closed.
Thank you all for being an amazing crowd - had a lot of fun organizing this, and hope everyone had a good time!
Highly appreciate all the effort and contributions everyone we're doing and it was amazing seeing how well a community would work together to achieve something. Pure teamwork made everyones experience better and I'm extremily proud of you all!

I will be hosting this next month aswell, different prize pool and i've got it roughly planned for a few months ahead even :p

I'm also accepting any donations from now on, as you can see what you're donating towards (Naturally will thank you and mention you, as creds are due where creds should be) And anything donated, will remain unchanged with its same value - unused by myself or others until handed out its winner.

INGAME NAME: Aegwyn Kalden Thefiel .
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