Tabtab slippers and beyond


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So to follow the guidance of DME I am posting here some ideas we were discussing in game.
Silly ideas and maybe not even possible but still was fun to think about.
Rather than make as if its all my ideas I am pasting the chat exactly as it happened at the end of this post.

tabtab slippers that squeak and light up as we walk same as baby shoes does
tabtab earwarmets
tabtab xmas sweater
baby tabtabs with tabtab tree
Full tabtab outfit
mokhat magic gun that shoots different colors based on mokhat magic type
puny mobs that do mindforce dmg
sweat tool powered by mokhat magic to change its color
mokhat slippers

Below is the chat copies as it happened
[#toulan] [Night]: I wish the tabtab slippers went squuek when we walked. That would be funny as hell

[#toulan] [Demeter] : squek and light up eyes?

[#toulan] [Night]: hahaha, hell yes like baby shoes

[#toulan] [Night]: Id do the mission twice for 2 pairs of the shoes

[#toulan] [Ikerus TheFallen]: same :D

[#toulan] [Luna]: didnt know that was possible

[#toulan] [Night]: I dont know if it is just said I wish it did

[#toulan] [Luna]: haha

[#toulan] [Luna]: i want tabtab earwarmers lol

[#toulan] [Night]: They are cute as they are but that would make them killer

[#toulan] [Night]: hahaha

[#toulan] [Night]: And a tabtab xmas sweater

[#toulan] [Luna]: haha with baby tabtabs around tabtab tree

[#toulan] [Night]: Big tabtab face on the front

[#toulan] [Night]: tabtab in the snow

[#toulan] [Demeter] : why not a full tabtab outfit?

[#toulan] [SHADOWZIRE]: lol tabtab planet

[#toulan] [Luna]: tabtab mankini hahaha

[#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] : Noooooooooooooooo

[#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] : Toulan Suggestions / Feedback - Toulan Suggestions / Feedback

[#toulan] [Night]: lol even I will have to say no but the idea is funny

[#toulan] [Demeter] : technically you can make a tabtab kini

[#toulan] [Luna]: haha

[#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] : won't ever happen

[#toulan] [Withers]: magic mokhat gun that shoots different colors based on mokhat magic type

[#toulan] [Boots]: puny mobs that does mindforce damage to skill up jammer

[#toulan] [Night]: lol, nice ideas. We should put it all in the suggestions on forum

[#toulan] [Night]: Who knows we might get some of it

[#toulan] [Withers]: mokhat magic, powers the sweat tool to change its color

[#toulan] [Night]: Mokhat slippers next
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