Tale of Toulan, episode 1


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Recounted by the Oracle, the ancient soothsayer who has lived through the triumphs and tragedies of the once fearsome sultanate:

“Listen to this tale, young Insians, for only with the understanding of the history that brought our planet to its modern tragedy will you be able to survive and thrive in Toulan.

“Our story begins with a man of considerable power and character, who valued the peace and prosperity of his land and people above all else – Qumran Badi al-Zaman. Today he is believed to be nothing more than legend, but in his realm we Insians lived side-by-side with the Narians, those elusive, magical spirits who have plenty more brawn but less brain than we do. Together we worked at enriching our civilisation with Nawa.

“The lifeforce of this planet, of the very air we breath, Nawa is in every living and barren thing you see. It was also, at that time, great energy the Narians could bend to their will, but the Insians could not – hence the Narians’ elite ranking. Of course, with all this power, the Narians could have easily made the sultanate their own, save for the magic that held them in check.

“To protect the sultanate from such a threat, Qumran had in his possession The Book of Laws, which helped him maintain the balance between the races, as well as the help of the Three Mages. These cloaked men had the power over the Insians and the Narians – but were subject to the holder of the Book.

“The age of Qumran saw the creation of great undertakings to help balance the flow of Nawa: The first was the Astrolabe, a genius work of engineering that controlled Nawa by concentrating its force on a specific spell. The other creations were the Three Towers, or Abraj, who guided the ebb and flow of Nawa.

“Life was melodious, everyone content – until the Mages decided they wanted a more sinister Nawa to make its way onto the planet.”
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