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Samurai Yoshida

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Hello there i only want to thanks to @DME | Virtualsense for recomendatoin to ask @Dbug for introducing me to the game and teach me basics, he is nice person and patient i asked him so many questions about the game because i was confused what to do on Toulan after i start to play,it take me some time to read on forum about mentoring program and how to add planet channel and ask for help other peple, i was confused what to do and how to play, he aslo tried to help me with buged quest with quafaz start misson because the kills do not count for me for some reason, visiting many locations with the mob, then he spawn some amazing fly machine and explain me where i should do my daily activity and show me areas on planet for my skill rank 0 to rank up my skills, where to take daily missions, and how to use trrade terminal and auction terminal, i was amazed how mutch knowledge about this game and planet he have i am sure i will recomend him as mentor to my friends who just started playing with me yesterday, thank you so mutch for your time and patience with me and to take me as disciple and i hope to see you in game in the future for more activities.
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