The Awakening Part 2, A Dysfunctional Family


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I had to escape Monria in a hurry, I feared for my sanity.

I must be careful and not let my Psyche ability exceed my Intelligence, least the psychic impressions I am receiving from the Shoggoths overwhelm my intellectual ability to discern their thoughts and feelings from my own.

It is also an opportunity for me to do some research on the Cthulhu Mythos. Thankfully my political and academic contacts allow me access to archives not available to the public.

What I discovered shows a Pantheon of greater and lesser gods not unlike many other pantheons. One could switch the names of the gods and they would be easily recognizable to a number of cultures and mythologies.

The Outer Gods:

These are Gods of such size and power that they can not reside in the physical universe. Even a brief visit from the avatar of the most powerful of these gods can have a drastic impact on the universe.

Azathoth: King of the Outer Gods

Azathoth, the beginning, the primal chaos/energy from which the ordered universe was created. Father of the Gods. A creator deity that after he created the gods and the universe, rests, and has little involvement with his creation afterwards.

Change his name and he would be easily recognized as the creator deity of many primitive mythologies. So powerful and feared by the other gods, that invoking him will often cause lesser gods to flee.

Even though Azathoth is unlikely to act, he has worshipers. As he is a being of pure chaos, if he does act, there is no predicting what he will do. It is perhaps this unpredictability that causes the other gods to flee when he is invoked. It is just not worth the risk to stay around and see if he shows up.

The Nameless Mists: Queen of the Outer Gods

Azathoth created The Nameless Mists and she can be considered the wife of Azathoth. While Azathoth is pure chaotic energy with no form, The Nameless Mists is one step closer to physical reality, a constantly swirling, and dark mist of energy. Despite her status as mother of creation and the gods, she does not seem to have followers, and is even less involved with her offspring and creation than Azathoth.

Yog-Sothoth: Crown Prince of the Outer Gods

Yog-Sothoth is the offspring of Azathoth and The Nameless Mists. His appearance is that of an enormous mass of constantly shifting and changing iridescent globes.

Yog-Sothoth is the Master of Space and Time, and as a result he is all knowing and all seeing. If someone can "please" this god, he will grant them the knowledge they seek. Thus he has many followers hoping to "please" him for this boon of knowledge.

Sometimes this boon is given without any strings attached, other times he requires a great sacrifice, or even eternal servitude.

Yog-Sothoth is more neutral than most of the other gods, and not above meddling if it suits his fancy. Like his father Azathoth, he is often evoked as protection from lesser gods, who often flee rather than risk him answering the invocation.

Shub-Niggurath: Crown Princess of the Outer Gods

Shub-Niggurath is also the child of Azathoth and The Nameless Mists, and the sister of Yog-Sothoth. Her appearance is also an enormous shifting mass, but of flesh. She also has another form she is fond of, which closely resembles her spawn, and the Shubs found on Monria.

Shub-Niggurath is Mistress of Life and Death. She has often been worshiped as a goddess of fertility. From her bubbling form numerous spawn emerge. The weakest of them she consumes and the stronger ones manage to escape. This has earned her the name of The Goat with a Thousand Young.

It is said that she can grant immortality to a mortal that pleases her, though most find death instead. Still, she has no lack of worshipers throughout history.

Nug and Yeb, The Twin Horrors: Outer Gods

Nug and Yeb are two of the numerous Outer Gods. Like most of the Outer Gods, they rarely become involved with the physical universe. I only mention them here in my note because Nug is the mother of Cthulhu and his brother Kthanid.

Nug and Yeb are the twin children of Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath and they look like their mother.

The Great Old Ones:

These gods do reside in the physical universe, but are still beings of immense power and they are all related to Cthulhu, either his offspring or that of his brother and sister who allied with him.

Cthulhu: Lord of The Great Old Ones

The Outer Goddess Nug gave birth to Cthulhu through what is called parthenogenesis, which means Cthulhu has no father.

Cthulhu stands hundreds of meters tall, humanoid in shape covered in scales and heavily muscled, with an octopus like head, huge claws, long narrow wings on his back, and with eyes glowing white.

Cthulhu mated with his sister, and produced many lesser gods over time.

Cthulhu is also highly chaotic and evil. He cares little for humans, even those that worship him, and is as likely to kill them as not.

Kthanid; Lord of the Elder Gods

Kthanid is a good example of the meddling of Yog-Sothoth. Shortly after Nug gave birth to Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth mated with Nug to produce the brother of Cthulhu, Kthanid.

Kthanid is identical to Cthulhu in every way except two. His eyes glow with a golden color, and he is a good as Cthulhu is evil.

He also fathered many lesser gods known as the Elder Gods.

While he opposed his brother Cthulhu, there was not open hostilities between them. Then, while Kthanid was slumbering, Cthulhu and his allies attacked, killing his brothers family. The Elder Gods are no more, for it seems, even the gods can die.

I only mention Kthanid because to emphasizes how dysfunctional these Gods are.

These gods are chaotic in the extreme, so much so that they often don’t know what they will do next, with the sole exception of Yog-Sothoth, who due to his ability to foresee the future, lays plans that may take a millennia to complete, but even he is still unpredictable in many ways.

So how does this help me understand the situation on Monria?

Is this information even trustworthy? After all, it was compiled from texts hundreds to thousands of years old. Any semblance to the truth could have been lost in that time.

Even so, this information is still useful.

We assumed the cultists were in charge, directing the dumb monsters and controlling them. To me this seems unlikely now.

The Yog and Shub found on Monria are the spawn of Greater Outer Gods and consider themselves superior races. The cultists may think they are in charge, but that is most likely a farce and forces far beyond their understanding are manipulating the cultists.

Not only are the Yog and Shub the spawn of Greater Outer Gods, but these two gods are the grandparents of Cthulhu. The fact that both are on Monria is no coincidence.

The Shoggoths are mere servants, and may also be used to deceive the cultist into thinking they are in control.

It is now clear to me that forces far beyond anything we imagined are at work on Monria.
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I am also using these stories to help me think of some more mission suggestions for the future.

I have an idea for a mission chain I am working on now, and will post a story here, and the mission chain in the suggestion thread when I work out the details in my mind.
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