The Awakening Part 3: Thoughts in the Void of Space


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I detest space travel; it defines boredom, alone with nothing but your thoughts in a vast void.

Cthulhu and his kind are said to have the physical ability to fly through space. I would imagine it was much more time consuming than modern space travel, no wonder the ancient beings went insane in the void of space.

I had to escape Monria in a hurry as I feared for my sanity, and headed for the great libraries on other planets to make sense of what happed to me.

Having read the stories about Cthulhu and left with nothing but my thoughts of them in the void of space, I feel the madness ever so closer. The madness of Monria will be a welcomed peace of mind after this trip.

I have tried to make some sense of the stories about Cthulhu, but the texts are as chaotic as his followers, and as insane as Cthulhu himself.

For every 3 texts that agreed on one point, there were one or two that said something completely different.

If cults use these texts, then they are as varied as the texts themselves, how can one figure out their plans if you don’t know what they believe? What are they after? Chaos, how can one predict chaos? Chaos theory says it is possible, but how does this help me and the situation on Monria?

If we are to understand the motivations of the cultists on Monria, then we must discover which texts they use. We need to steal their documents!!!

Only the highest level cultists are likely to have a copy of their unholy texts, getting one will not be an easy task!!!

I need facts, not the ramblings of ancient stories that may be more myth than fact, but they may still prove useful.

While the cultists seem to be in charge, they are not the only threat on Monria.

Are the Yog’s and the Shub’s related as some of the stories suggest?

What about the created race of the Shoggoth? Their shifting form resembles the natural form of Shub-Niggurath, supposed mother of the Shub spawn and sister of Yog-Sothoth. The Shoggoth do not seem to have a sex, perhaps the divide like the amoebas they resemble? If so then each types of Shoggoth would be from one "parent" which was specifically created.

There may be a way to test for this, but I would need DNA samples, a lot of them, from every type of Shoggoth, Yog and Shub on Monria. I can extract DNA from skin samples, but gathering and testing of this DNA will be expensive.

As "LUCK" would have it, I just acquired a benefactor that will pay for such endeavors. On the 4th planet I visited in my research, a representative of my unknown benefactor approached me.

He said that his employer wished to fund my research in exchange for anything I discover, and that "money was no object". I was given a PED card with no limit.

I am no stranger to libraries or academia, but I have never had an offer to help with my research, especially one so generous. I do not trust this "benefactor" and I must be careful what information I disclose to him.

Still, it means I have the means to fund the research I want on Monria, but how do I go about it?

Perhaps I can get Trip Kaminsky to help in this matter. He often gives out missions people. However for some reason, I do not know if I can trust him either.

I could say we need skin samples for DNA analysis to determine what weapons would work best against them and any other weaknesses they might have, the less I tell Trip and others about what I am doing the safer I will be.

Since being approached by my mysterious benefactor, I do not know if I can trust anyone. Is my benefactor connected to the cultists on Monria, or some other cult, or is he just some random insane person?

Anyone could be a cultist hiding in plain sight, I should trust no one, even the Old Ones may be watching my every move.


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You're right Don't trust anyone!

Just know that we are behind you and are following your progress with hope for your success.......and sanity

Much respect for you bravery
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