The Awakening Part 4: Return to Monria, Expect the Unexpected


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Finally this long space flight is over. As I neared Monria, I am reminded of how unique this moon is,

Monria is in fact a binary moon system, with the smaller moon we call Monria orbiting a much larger moon, which in turn orbits Calypso. The large mass of this binary moon system is why it orbits at such a great distance from Calypso. If the moons were not in orbit around Calypso, the larger moon would be considered a small planet. Some scholars have suggested the system be reclassified as "A Captured Planetary System" caught by the gravity of Calypso, which is larger than many other planets.

Being a binary moon system is unique enough, but there is more than just that research has found interesting. At some time in the past, a meteor or asteroid impacted the larger moon, and molten rock still covers much of the surface from that impact, yet the smaller moon called Monria managed to escape this disaster unharmed.

Large amounts of debris also orbit the larger moon, making travel by spacecraft directly to the surface of Monria unsafe. That is why a space station was built so travelers could safely telaport to Monria.

However given what I have just learned in my research on Cthulhu, what if the destruction of the larger moon was not an accident at all. Did Cthulhu build something there so great and terrible that it had to be destroyed?

There is even the possibility that Cthulhu moved the moon system here and placed it into orbit around Calypso for unknown reasons. At this point I can not dismiss any possibility.

It is odd that the smaller moon of Monria escaped damage from the disaster that befell the larger moon. But if R’lyeh is on Monria as the cultists believe, then it is possible that Cthulhu protected the moon from harm.

R’lyeh being on Monria would also explain where all the monsters are coming from, something that has mystified many colonists.

I have killed tens of thousands of monsters on Monria, and I am not among the great hunters on Monria, yet it has not made a dent in their numbers.

Cthulhu’s capital of R’lyeh would need a way to transport beings in and out of the city efficiently. While many of Cthulhu’s kinsmen could fly through space, they seem to have done so at much slower speeds than spaceships today travel at.

Cthulhu would have needed a type of telaportation much more powerful than we have today to accomplish this.

But there is a strong possibility Cthulhu had such technology. Many of the ancient texts speak of Gates that allowed beings to travel across the great distances of space.

If such Gates were on Monria and still functioning, it would explain why we couldn’t make a dent in the numbers of monsters. As soon as we kill some, more arrive. There could be a thousand worlds with such creatures, all focused on the battle for Monria.

Expect the Unexpected is a saying often quoted by the colonists of Monria. But when I arrived at the HUB, never has this saying been truer, or hit me as hard.

While I was gone research the events on Monria and their connection to the Cthulhu Mythos a great deal had transpired.

It seems some Yogs have decided to become companions with some of the colonists!!!!! And it was not just the smaller Yog’s to do so, some of the great Yog’s even became human companions!!!!! Nothing could have prepared me for such news, but that was not all. Leprechauns, whose presence is an enigma to begin with, has increased their interaction with colonists, with new more powerful ones appearing to aid as human companions.

Also more powerful versions of the Shogg’s, Yog’s and Shub’s we have been fighting have appeared. If that is not enough, their numbers has greatly increased. Perhaps I was right about Gates existing on Monria.

The once fairly peaceful caverns are now teaming with hoards of creatures, and many of the new more powerful ones can be found among the mobs of creatures. It is no longer safe for any except the strongest of hunters to venture into the caverns alone.

But even bigger problems than stronger and larger numbers of creatures are the developments with the human followers of Cthulhu. The group known as the Esoteric Order of Dagon, led by the notorious Lee 'Negated' Dokken, have always been a threat to Monria, but now they are not alone.

A new cult has appeared on the scene. The Cult of the Skull, also called the Chesuncook Witch Coven, led by Leshrac. I read about this group in my latest research trip. It seems their initiation ceremony involves entering a subterranean cavern and descending 6000 steps to a pit filled with hungry Shoggoths. Again I find a connection between the Shoggoths, Shub-Niggurath and her young, as well as a good description of the caverns of Monria filled with mobs of hungry Shoggoths.

While the cults of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and the Cult of the Skull seem to know about each other, they do not seem to be allies, perhaps they have different agendas?

More troubling is that I may be responsible for at least some of the recent developments. Have I unwittingly set events in motion I do not comprehend and can’t control?

Could my "Mysterious Benefactor" be part of this new cult? Did my research on the events on Monria bring unwanted attention that has hastened events?

Then there is the matter of my unusual personal connection with the Shoggoths.

Both of these cults seem to have started in North America on Earth, both on the East Coast. My tribe is from the East Coast of North America and these cults started just a little north of where we came from. Creatures resembling the beings of the Cthulhu Mythos appear in my tribe’s stories and those of many indigenous tribes.

Could I have an ancient connection with the Shoggoths and that is why I could contact them mentally over time? Blood calling out to blood, mind to mind.

No, that is too much to consider I have more real problems now. As a scholar, these new developments have opened up more avenues for research, my Benefactor will be quite pleased I think. I am going to have to acquire a Yog for a companion. Perhaps I can with time connect with it mentally like I did with the Shoggoths.

That of course is just the beginning, I have so much to do, to learn, to accomplish, to meddle. :)
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I love this series Sachem, and that you have now picked up on the new cult to weave into your evolving story. This is a great way of blending personal experience with revealed history and research. I'm trying to get book 4 done so that it can be published because I think you'll pick up more from that as well. :)

At some point when you're at a place in the story where you have enough episodes and can break with a bit of a cliff hanger, Anny and I can convert it into book format with graphics. Then you can continue with book 2. :D

You now have 4 episodes/chapters, I would shoot for 10 if you can, and then we'll convert it. There's no rush, so take your time evolving this storyline, and we'll keep track.

Can't wait to see what's next. :jumpclap
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