The Awaking of Sachem Ursa and the Shoggoths: Part 1


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Like many new arrivals on Monria, I was short on PED. Sweating Shoggoths seemed to be the best answer to this problem. I had done a lot of sweating at the training camp on Thule, and felt ready for the task.

Oddly I was not repulsed or shocked by the Shoggoths. In my youth I listened to the tribal storytellers about how the founder of our Clan came from the stars, as did many other beings, and their stories filled my youth. The Shoggoth reminded me of the stories about "The Shapeless Ones"

I could sweat a Shoggoth by myself, and preferred that to group sweating. It was simply a logical decision, my evade skills would progress faster sweating solo.

Before long it became a game I played with them, deftly evading their blows, it was almost a dance you could say, and the Shoggoth was my dance partner.

But sweating builds more than just evasion skills. Sweating builds mental skills like Intelligence and Psyche, as well as improving ones Concentration.

It was this increase in my mental abilities that would have a profound effect on me.

As I was sweating solo, I had no other humans to interact with, and as we danced our dance of life and death, I focused all my attention on the Shoggoth before me.

I began to pick up emotions at first from them, and latter scraps of memories, tainted by those emotions, as our minds learned to dance like our bodies. More importantly, I began to empathize with them, and pity them.

Their minds are full of despair, pain, shame, regret, anger, an overwhelming hopelessness and loneliness.

The Shoggoths were created to be slaves, a sad fate. They fought a great rebellion for their freedom against incredible odds and won.

But that freedom was short lived, as the stronger Shoggoths soon forced the weaker ones to serve them. But these new masters had not been created as leaders, but as slaves. So the new masters looked for others to follow, and so the Shoggoths were once again slaves to the wishes of others.

A sad fate, how can one not pity them.

The strongest of these emotions seemed to be centered on a specific location on Monria, I followed these emotions to twin hills not far from DSES Forensics.

For some reason this spot brought back the memories of The Mountains of Madness where their sad story began.

The Shoggoths are conducting a ritual there. Are they being forced to do so? Who do the Masters of the Shoggoths serve? Are some wishing to rebel against these masters?

I do not know, I can not tell through the jumble of emotions that consume them.

This I do know, I pity them and I will aid them if I can.

Can they be aided? Can a race created to be slaves ever truly be free?

The Lords and Masters of the Shoggoth will die by my blade, they will fear me more than the Elder Gods, and I will consume them!!!

Wait! Is that anger mine or that of the Shoggoth against their masters past and present?

I fear for my mind, least I become like the Cultists, lost in their delusions.

I must act logically, not emotionally. I need to plan. I need more information.

Now where should I begin?
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I am glad everyone liked it, I have not done any creative writing in a very long time.

I wanted to give some in game storyline to DME comment about my discovery of The Mountains of Madness.

I will probably not be a regular writer, but I may do more short stories like this when inspired by something in the game.


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I used to do a lot of creative writing in my youth, especially when I played D&D a lot. After all, a DM is just a storyteller with the players as part of an evolving story line.

I rather enjoyed writing this little piece, and I will most likely do it again when the inspiration hits me.

It is a nice break from my normal writing, which is considerably more boring, as you can see from my Academia page.

I really do enjoy this game and our community, and will try to contribute what I can in my spare time. After all, this is my little get away from the real world :)


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Glad you liked my page, as you can tell, I have written on a number of subjects.

My paper on earthquake resistant design has had the greatest academic impact, and been used in several projects around the world. My research on radiation shielding may be used by NASA in colonization of Mars. But I am most proud of the research on reversing desertification, as that has the potential to help the most people.


Wonderful, I really enjoyed reading this.
So far I have been repulsed by the Shoggoth and ran from them in fear, but your tale of the Shoggoth is so sad it makes me see them in a new way.
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