The Cost of Romance


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November, 3014

DSEC Forensics (formerly Main Crater) is the place where several DSEC personnel stand to provide local and visiting hunters on Monria a means to book missions. These missions help to keep the Monria creature population under control. When a hunter returns to the appropriate DSEC mission personnel and signs the log with the completed mission, the hunter automatically receives extra skills through the Psyn-Inc Implanter installed at this location.

Mac Look, Angela Grayson, Angeli Toob and Trip Kaminsky have for some time now been the DSEC soldiers responsible for these tasks. Although this job is of enormous importance, it can no doubt be boring. Standing at DSEC for hours, day after day, is at least monotonous. Over the course of time, these four soldiers became good friends, sharing stories, and making jokes. However, something else happened along the way. Both Trip and Mac ended up becoming fond of Angeli, and the flirt and conquer games became part of their daily activities. Angela, not having the attention from any of the men, kept her distance and just did her work.

A few months ago, I noticed something very intriguing. Weapons started to show up in concealed places, like they had been hidden or forgotten by someone. Worried that it could be some type of plot from the Cultists, or even someone else, I started to stake out the place. What I found was something very different from what I expected.

The two handsome soldiers, while making inspection rounds, were forgetting their weapons in random places. In a rush to return to the bright light of their lives, they didn’t notice their loss until much later. Without a valid explanation for their losses, they stopped reporting it to the DSEC armory, and bought new weapons almost every week on the black market.

To make this even more comical, the lost weapons were usually found by the same hunters that the DSEC personnel handed the missions to.

I never reported this to DESC Command, only to Dark Moon Enigma. Not only because this didn’t cause any undue harm to anyone, but because the negligence had a beneficial effect. The hunters were getting free weapons, and I didn't want to bring any trouble to the soldiers. This was actually funny as I watched it unfold, and could only think to myself, what's next?

What we won't do for love, even if it's unintentional.



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Leave it to Anny to uncover unusual stories on Monria, and stories we would most likely not be aware of without a keen eye and an interest in connecting the dots. We go about our business as usual on the Moon, and perhaps take things a bit for granted, or maybe even have a cavalier attitude about things that go on around us, but it seems that mysteries on the Moon exist and are ripe for discovering.

I can't wait to see how this story continues to unfold, but in the meantime, it seems that some hunters get lucky in their own discoveries that help to extend their experiences and skill increases.

Thanks for sharing Anny. :)
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