The Dunwich Chronicles | Episode 1


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Since I got my new official avatar today, I thought I would join the crew who were taking on Dunwich to see what kind of photos I could get and not get killed ... I don't die now, which makes it easier for me to get up close and personal whenever there's mob activity with the community, which means more fun to come. :p

Here are a few screenshots I was able to capture during this episode ... had to stop by to say hello to Dunwich first.

Had to give a greeting to Dunwich since I can stand in his face now. :p

Entropia 2021-02-09 20-17-58-52.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-18-51-32.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-19-24-28.png

Here are screenshots I got during the take down of Dunwich.

Entropia 2021-02-09 20-20-15-78.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-27-18-29.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-28-59-15.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-29-40-93.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-30-38-91.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-33-11-04.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-33-22-40.png Entropia 2021-02-09 20-34-29-09.png

And the Global of course!
2021-02-10 01:37:29 [Globals] [] Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (Dunwich Horror) with a value of 173 PED at Monria!

Entropia 2021-02-09 20-37-31-31.png
Was fun to watch you guys take on Dunwich. Now if I'm in the game and Dunwich comes up and there's a group to take him on, but I am on Toulan, just give a holler and I can be there in a flash to record the next episode in the Dunwich Chronicles. :p
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