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What Malee UL and what rocket/granade luncher UL you can recommend that will be good for that type of play?
Like any unlimited weapon in Entropia, it all depends on your budjet and play.

Buying a UL weapon will of course save you paying unecessary MU on Ls weapons.

Arkadia swords and knives are always a good compromise, and are usually very affordable.
I think the glacier serie starts at Lv13 SIB, but consult entropedia to make sure.
Some other oddities come every now and then on AH.

I owned a Kilik Rex for awhile, and pairs with a melee trauma 6.
I was able to hunt Rextelum with viceroy like this, so it was pretty decent.

One i keep with me is Embra Laser sword C1.
It is SIB Lv7 and oddly enough, accepts a trauma 6 amp as well.

For smaller plays, laconium sword accepts trauma 1 amp, and is inexpensive.
Also facalta or Labrys.
Swords are easy to accept amps due to higher base damage, but will do un necessary overkill damage, so it is all up to you really.
I tend to recommend knives over swords.

Regarding explosives there are not many options.
NGL-1 usually is way too expensive, and skilldek Ls come in volume on tiny mobs.
Above this, only options are Negators or Detpil, which will at the moment set you back 7 to 10k in MU, and SIB about Lv40.
I personally like the puny skildeks and the P50s L to skill, easily lootable on mobs.

I also craft my ammos while doing the daily on Monria for free engineering skills.

Hope this helps :)


Like any unlimited weapon in Entropia, it all depends on your budjet and play.

My budget for gameplay that I have no problem spending each month on entertaiment is around
50-200$, my game play in working day's is around 1-3h.
At weekend's can be even 10h, as Im night shift worker so other entertaiment is limited for me,
and I'm not a party animal spending cash in pub's or music party's.
My out of computer activites are simple outdoor, at night I make astrophotography, at morning wildlife photography.
So when I'm not online than im camping.

I think to beacome sword/knife crafter and explo crafter plus make plates and adds.
So in future I can suply myself.
As Im not beliver in luck I will stay with crafted, mission or mentoring reward UL items.

As I understand also on events that can be profitable Team is the key.
So in future will be good if I find firm group active in my hours to grind something together.
I enjoy taking Aggro on me and that I find in explo, when being in close range Sword or knifes look the best.
I will look for healer and dps guys and we are set:tongueswagging.

I dont have problems with buying UL items, as already looking for Equus or who knows MS:shooting.

I will not have also problem with buying when my skill will fit UL Sword or something,
as I will stay in 25-50lvl mob's price limit.
25lvl alone and chill, 50lvl in team.

I got time.
Entropia looks good as in other games players come and go to new projects,
and I'm looking for something to stay for longer, juts to have my kindergarten sand box with dog shyt inside hahaha:nana.

Thats why I before download of game read a lot and choose quest for dropship as it looks the longest.

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I believe that is the same suit, this person likely has some kind of clothes/armor equipped that does that.
I could be wrong tho and maybe something was added , altho i saw no information about that at all.
That is the same suit, dps is king for doing the shrine event. My partner could not do it with his normal weapons, I had to loan him omegaton asg-2 swine deluxe, then it was a breeze.

Mungo Baobob

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That gun is about 80 dps, but I think you could probably go a little lower. Just what we had 30 was not getting it done.



Currently I'm still on Calypso. Doing all quest's that are made to go from A to B, and everythng that I can hunt easly.
Stuff like Vault Hunter or Anna Bjorkdottir close to Forth Troy
Entropia 2023-01-19 04.24.42.jpg

Some say that calypso map is 100km2, is it true? Is there information how big Map's are in EU?

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Some say that calypso map is 100km2, is it true? Is there information how big Map's are in EU?
That is basically what Calypso looks like, so there is nothing square in there :

It is indeed pretty big.
What i would suggest while you are there, is go in the far north-east corner of the map, and put a waypoint in the far south-west corner of the map.
That would be interesting :)


At the weekend I will be here.

Someone also go there?


Player blog.

Hi everyone.
I just started Twitch Channel reason was from simple situation.
To short my time of AFK in game and pass with life.
So sometimes I will stream just flying in space so I can look where I'm if jumping to shop etc.
Or to record game as its already on my computer so why not.
Instance's, world event's etc. will be also there.

Next part Is that I still look for home, and start to make research on point where I will stay in game.
So I created post on Caly forum with price check

Slowly also collecting data from space travel start's to work.
So soon will make graphic to help other's like me that dont own ship or have no Pilot access and free will to use them on demand.

Tomorrow I join World Boss'es Race.
See You there.



Players Blog

I got talk with some players, that It would be great to color our armours.
As I mentioned, having Atlas armour in black would be like cyber Ninja,
and they told me Next Island have one for streamer's, event creator's etc.
So from today I start my migration from Ark(after oratans) to NI.
There is daily with Oil so it will cover some of travel cost.
They got also plates for close combat that I will try to get when Boar's will be good for me for hunting.
I also gather all loot and when I'm fat, then will craft all on Mornria.
Slowly my game plan got shape, so currently I'm ready for this year.

This week on holiday's so will be streaming more and lerning how it works.


Entropia 2023-01-30 09.09.09.jpg


Today the mentoring path ended.
So I jumped to new Armour.
Entropia 2023-02-04 17.42.09.jpg

What droped @Mungo Baobob ? Hope something good.
Thanks for giving all answers and tip's.

To celebrate I've made small short and easy event on NI,
A game of hide and seek and give 100PED to random player.

Currently as I know about Ascension Armor that will be number 2 to get,
as Arkadia is dead of quest's and no Dev's or GM's are visible,
then I will not take Viceroy armour until something there happens.

But Im in very good contact with Next Island GM's and Dev's.
They simply reply to questions on all social platform's
So rumors 😉 say that something interesting will be going on there in this year.

So Stay Tuned.


Player Blog.

My weekend game strat to have better shape.
After Oratans I jump for 2PED ammo to Ark moon,
then tree cutting weekly quest on Cyrene,
Daily on Caly+Shoping, then I do crafting daily on Monria,
when got more time then also do Hunting daily,
and back to Ark.

Who got some extra tip's for that weekend ride?

In Cyrene I do also Time Hunting but only can handle Puny ones.
In Calypso also I check what hunting I can handle.


Post will be edited.

I live it here for Hunters that want to have easy life.


Hunter daily

Terminal daily+

/wp [Planet Toulan, 131355, 95265, 127, Najran reward]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 137185, 92340, 100, Fares reward]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 137140, 90860, 100, Yassar reward] ~ Kill 100 ~ Reward 0.06PED Dodge

Yasser is problematic as need to fly there from
Pit North - /wp [Planet Toulan, 137139, 92320, 120, Pit North]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 134319, 96655, 302, Mirsal Broker] Needed [NawaCore MK3]

Go Hunt!

/wp [Planet Toulan, 136709, 94553, 238, Tabtab]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 133315, 93300, 100, Caboria]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 133758, 93855, 173, Qaffaz] LB+

/wp [Planet Toulan, 136062, 93295, 111, Sunjoq]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 136336, 94791, 154, Dahhar]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 131302, 95264, 125, Mokhat] E+

/wp [Planet Toulan, 134605, 92426, 118, Bahri] P+

/wp [Planet Toulan, xxxx, xxxxx, xxxx, Khaffash] Search for SLUG

/wp [Planet Toulan, 133915, 96145, 308, Jeef Qaher] HMW +

/wp [Planet Toulan, xxxxx, xxxx, xxx, Jeef Zajer] Search for SLUG

/wp [Planet Toulan, 134369, 95975, 356, Duhol]

/wp [Planet Toulan, 136709, 94553, 238, Thawr] To Strong...

LB+ Longblades
E+ Evade
P+ Perception
HMW+ Heavy Melee Weapon
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Player Blog.

Currently I'm able to hunt all Shoggoth's till Odium the Desecrator even when 4 of them on me.
So it's time to do daily quest's also with Yog's. So now when on Monria I got more to do.
Entropia 2023-02-08 19.36.48.jpg

I'm also thinking and its part of suggestion's for future, that if all Planet Partner's create simple daily quest for 2PED Oil,
it would have big impact on players migration. As im burning around 1.5PED oil each time when jumping to next planet.

Today I also will visit Rocktropia, as I think buying cheap puny BLP gun's from Thing TT are good to make quests in Toulan.
Something more to take from there?

I also have vision for my appartment. When I get one I will do Dojo style home with plant's and Katana swords in displey.
I was also seeing some Statue's in other players house's so will try to have them also inside.

But is there furniture, like music box type, that I can give link from YT to it and visitors can hear music?
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