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The Knights of Entropia
Founded November 13, 2006

General | Eric Shade Avenged
Founder/Retired General | Thaddeuss Thad Scotsman
Colonel/Retired General | Xander Zan Catman
Colonel/Retired General | Angus Mac MacAlisdair
Retired General | Ericarrie Saoirse Saoirse
Colonel | Damzul In Distress
Colonel | Jonas Taz Alves
Colonel | Joseph Joe Brazil
Colonel | Kirk Kinkie Hotwood
Colonel | Leodolfr Leon Stronghorse
Colonel | Orion Enigma Entropy


How The Knights of Calypso society was born.

A Long time Ago on the not so far off land of Calypso....

When armor equipping decay was unheard of and selling sweat for 1 pec a bottle was plentiful, there was a brave noob named Thaddeuss......

Thaddeuss emerged from the Imperial Calypso Colony Dropship into the fresh open air of Eudoria on October 22, 2006 just inside the Port Atlantis city boundaries. There he stood on the tarmac slowly taking in all the wondrous sights to be seen. Spaceships, strange creatures, and unfamiliar environment, all of it so wondrous and yet overwhelming all at once.

Thaddeuss was anxious to wander around exploring these new lands he would come to love and call home, but before he was able to do very much at all, there approached a man who Thadd noticed standing off to the side of the ship watching him quite intently. As Thaddeuss was the curious type he accepted the mans invite to chat, soon to find out this man was Leader of a Society and offered Thadd to join his society for some beginner help. As Thadd was new to the game and was desperate for some help in learning all the new controls and functions, he accepted the mans offer of help graciously.

This new found friend brought Thaddeuss to Swamp Camp, told him how to sweat, and then was off without another word...

A couple of days later, Thadd was running about Swamp Camp sweating animals while trying to stay alive at the same time. When he came upon another man from the same society.

Thaddeuss excitedly yelled out "Hi!" in the society channel but with no response back to him from this other member. He then yelled again "Hi purple dot!," and still nothing. The member didn't respond and disappeared off radar moments later.

After a few more days of wandering around exploring, Thaddeuss soon came to realize there was never anyone answering his questions or his plead for help on the society channel. He started to wonder to himself; What are these society groups for if no one will help or even talk to each other?

As Thadd stood there in his O.J's pondering this thought, his Leader suddenly appeared in front of him.....

"Thaddeuss! I have been looking for you. It is time to pay your society fees," the leader says to him.

"Society fees? You never said anything about this when I joined? I have all but 5 PEDs that I have earned sweating," says Thadd.

"That will do for now Thadd, I expect the rest by the end of the week or you will be kicked from the soc!"

As Thadd accepted his Leader's trade invite and handed over the 5 PEDs he had worked so hard to earn, something clicked in his mind. Thadd quickly cancelled the trade and said to his leader, "You know what man, I'm not giving you a single PEC! You haven't helped in any of my times of need, nor have I yet to get a single reply back on any question I ever asked in the soc chat! So I quit your stupid Soc Bud!"

"Fine!" says the Leader, "Good luck getting anyone to teach and help ya for free!"

Thadd was lost and alone. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't join another soc in fear of them doing the same thing to him, and he couldn't learn the game all on his own, there was way too much, he felt utterly hopeless.

And then all of a sudden it came to him. He would make his own society called The Knights of Calypso! A community of honest, caring members willing to help each other anyway they can and learn the game together teaching each other the small bits of knowledge each came across on their travels...

...and one day when Thadd and his fellow Knights had learned all they could and got their share of time in under their belts, maybe, just maybe they could recruit new players into TKoC to protect them from the scammer societies and pass their vast knowledge on to them.

And so, The Knights of Calypso was born, and their quest for greatness had begun and continues to this day...

-Thaddeuss Thad Scotsman (Founder of TKoC)


How The Knights of Calypso became known as The Knights of Entropia
TKoC -> TKoE | 08/08/2012

Imagine for a minute, that it's 2006 and you are playing Entropia Universe. Imagine how different things were back then. A single planet, Calypso, made up our entire known universe.

Flash forward to 2013, we have 5 planets in our growing universe. Rocktropia, Next Island, Arkadia, Cyrene and of course, our beloved Calypso. A lot has changed in the past 7 years and a lot more change is going to come. Our Universe has evolved.

The Knights of Calypso was founded back in the early days when there was only one planet to explore. We were founded by a great Knight, Thad Thaddeuss Scotsman. He gave freely of his time and experience and built a society of like-minded, honest Entropians to help those just starting out in our world.

Like our universe, our society was beginning an evolution of its own. We held a vote to see how the membership felt about changing our name. Long story made short, the vote passed and we initiated the name change process and soon after, it was completed.

The Knights of Entropia, TKoE for short, is the same great society it has always been. We are there to help new players find their way not only on Calypso, but on every planet we travel to!

Going forward we looked to continue our growth and evolution to keep pace with the changes being made across Entropia Universe. We kicked off a fresh recruitment drive once the name change had been completed. Over a period of weeks, our Colonels were asked to go over the current rules and policies and re-evaluate what parts to keep and maybe what parts needed to be changed.

We have always been known for helping the new player, and it will always be an integral part of what we do. In the future, I hope to see more effort being placed on attracting and retaining more developed players.

I am also hopeful that we are able to find a way to adjust our strict policies on PvP, PK and Pirating. These activities are an acceptable part of EU. As such, I'm hoping we can find a way to make it acceptable within our growing society. These changes will take some time to consider and will not happen overnight.

When you see a Knight, you're looking at a friend. Good Luck out there and don't forget to say hi!

-Xander Zan Catman (Retired General of TKoE)


A Message from the Current General of TKoE

On Sunday November 13, 2016, The Knights of Entropia society will turn 10 years old. This is not only a big milestone for us, but a huge accomplishment for any society to remain thriving and active for that length of time. I began playing Entropia in March of 2012, and just recently took leadership of TKoE earlier this year. So it is crazy for me to look back on the history of our society, its past leadership, and all of our past brothers and sisters.

Entropia Universe has changed a lot since 2006. TKoE has had to adapt many times as a society to stay alive whether that meant a change in leadership, or changing the way we operated certain aspects of the society. While most societies eventually die out, TKoE was built to survive.

What I’m most proud of is that we have been able to maintain our overall purpose in Entropia. To this day, I can say that TKoE is still a group of honest, caring members that help each other advance their avatars, and gain a better understanding of the game. Thousands have passed through our doors, so it is rewarding to know that we have made Entropia a better experience for so many people.

In December of 2015, we got word that Anhithe (a member of TKoE at the time), had just officially purchased Monria. We were all extremely excited for him, and wanted to support him in his vision in whatever way we could. He generously loaned us a Monria Penthouse Apartment to relocate our Headquarters. He also loaned TKoE a Monria Hub Shop that all of our members can utilize. In January of 2016, Monria launched their Free Space Travel Program and made TKoE the official crew of the Yamato Mothership. This project has come a long way, and I am extremely pleased about how well the crew has been working, and what the program offers to the Monria community.

With that being said, it only makes sense that we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary right here with the Monria Community. TKoE shares so many similar values as Monria, and I speak for all of TKoE when I say that we are very proud to call Monria home.

Long live The Knights of Entropia!

- Eric Shade Avenged (General of TKoE)



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