The Monria Death Squad


Hello everyone,

I have given this a lot of thought and so far this is what I came up with:

There are a few events going on at the moment designed to help new players and the community as well.
What I am suggesting, is pretty simple in fact. Lets have during the week-ends, organized hunting.

The team setup will be like this:

Should we have a designated healer, we will have a percentage (I will ask around to see what the preferred percentage will be) for his efforts. The items (chips, armors, weapons) will be split. If we get a buyer on the spot, we will sell it with MU and split the profit between the members of the hunting team (including the healer). If we have people that would like to mine a specific area that is harder to reach (such as the cultist area around west crater or from cave 3 to cave 4), unless they hunt also with us, they will not be part of the team, but will benefit from heals and protection as well.

I will not try to set up a specific hour to start the event, however I will propose a gathering hour. For example starting with 8am EU time (server time you will see in the system tab by pressing "U") we will begin to gather and decide based on the majorities desire, the place to go hunting.

On Sundays at 9AM EU time the AHR event will begin, where our very own DJ Drifter will be leading the assault against the Monria mobs.

We can use our efforts also to rescue people that are in distress. For example:

You went and mined in a dangerous area. You were lucky enough to get a find however the mobs are claiming the rights to your find. A call to arms would be appropriate so the members online will gear up, and come to your aid.

About the members:

The beauty of it is, there are no designated members. Since it is not a paid service, but a volunteering program, any person can form a team and start it.

Only requirement, the team name must be: Monria Death Squad, not for our own benefit, but to promote the service itself, which will serve as an example for members of the community and the strong relationships developed on the moon :)

Please consider this a suggestion, ready to be improved. This is all I could come up with so far, so I am waiting for your input.

All the best,



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i like it . i would like to suggest that all newer players who want to join take the MNAT hunting class. should be finished soon and posted. I will happily join up, though i am lower leveled myself. and We prolly need to have an orientation to hunting together, like a trip to practice with someone playing dead, or such...

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Hope to catch you in game more often :)
Havent seen you much lately..

Yes last 2 months were jam packed in RL.
4-Day weekend starts..3....2....1.. Now!
I will be in bugging you guys a lot this long weekend..WOOT!

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