The NAWA Skill


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This skill is unique in the Entropia Universe. It can only be gained by using NAWA operated items.
Legend has it, that NAWA may affect all mindforce skills in an unpredictable manner...


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Ok,, so since I have been away for a while.. Where can I find a Nawa operated item?? hmmm??? lol


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Ok,, so since I have been away for a while.. Where can I find a Nawa operated item?? hmmm??? lol
Everything in Toulan and specifically Nahar City is Nawa operated, but actual items with Nawa consumption have not been yet implemented, more news about Nawa technology coming soon.

Thanks Cutter for your valued feedback.


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Nawa consumption is constantly taking place across Toulan's economy, and caution is highly advised when handling Nawa, check out the nearest Jeef for over exposure outcome, Thanks McCormick.

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Regardless of who posted the original idea, this is a very old thread that has been re-discussed many times in chats over the years.

And i personally think the fundamental idea is good.

Nawa being omnipresent within Toulan’s lore and technology, it could make sense skills related to it hatches, as stated by Mohammed with a pinch of humor, Nawa does is dangerous if mishandled ~ read SKILLS !

While the very first nawa operated vehicules have seen the light in Dec. 2021, i think we are on the right path, and would like to remind the idea of this thread.

We all know how selfish MA is when it comes to mind forces, but we could have our own system, not even looking at what MA does.
Something like holding an ancient book or scroll, one per “spell” like mind forces, and consumming nawa vials upon casting.
Of course no one likes MU on ammos, but whats not.

Scrolls and books of this forbidden knowledge being looted in the ancient ruins of Sabad City.
Involve Dark Nawa if you want to push the vice further.

As there are more to adding a “weapon” than just an item, there would be a system of amplification to be looked at, tiering, etc etc.
Also, it doesnt have to be weapon only, but of course healing or buffs, and even AeO buffs for shared loots.

Nawa skills could also include less engineered touchy weaponry, like historical unfinished designs, etc etc (but thats for my deviation thread!)

I wanted to save all this kind of ideas for my deviation thread, for which i reeeaally need to work on, but i thought it be nice to remind about this thread :)

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