The status of FFSI and HSSC event


Ok first thing I want to address is the fact that last month (April) and the end of march FFSI/HSSC event happened what the whole of 8 times and not at all the last week of march... This was due to me getting food poisoning the kind that put you into intensive care for a week, I came back for around a few days still feeling pretty rough, then a family member died and I went into a full shut down depressive episode, when I came out of that the first day back after finishing an FFSI event. I was setting up for Sunday's FFSI and my computer died having getting a new part and repairing my laptop myself FFSI/HSSC started back the 30th of April and we've run every day since, save Tuesday and Thursday with are my day's off.

Secondly someone called me out to my face on discord calling me a scammer and saying I scammed all who have donated and the noobs who this event helps... As stated above April was a ballbag of crap month for me the and fact I manage to put in the extra effort to get the events I did put out was a testament to my shear willpower pushing though illness and depression and the fact that all stopped for about a week when my computer died.... I haven't scammed anybody FFSI/HSSC is back up and running ((until my computer dies which might happen soon because there is a hell of a lot of other things wrong with it am battling to save up for one)

I want to end this post on a more sunnier note and say that this event will be around as long as I can physically do it... if i'm not around to do a event for a couple of days/weeks something that is bad enough to physically stop me has happened but do start to worry if weeks turns into months and send out a search party :p
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OMG Kaimarr That sounds awful. What a horrible month you've had.
I hope you get strong as time goes on and your PC holds it together. Remember this is a Game and RL comes first always.

You're event's are a brilliant initiative for new players and so helpful, and well done for doing them.
Unfortunately you can't please all of the people all of the time. So never let that get you down :)
It's only when you step up to do these sort of things that people suddenly expect more from you.
Just remember that you do a good thing any are appreciated for it. And once you're helping even a few people it's all good :)

Anyway Keep doing what you're doing and be Happy :)
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