Those Who Adapt to Change Survive | Update 8

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I read fiction a lot, and the difference between a great author and just another starving artist are in the details. Just ask Stephen King as an example of a great author. Creativity is one thing, using someone elses style is another. Just ask Millie Vanillie :) Given the vibrancy and darkness of the moon, I just wasn't expecting cliches'. My bad.


Sluggo as a friend, please stop. I know you're an intelligent guy and don't need to resort to trolling. The Milli Vanilli reference is uncalled for, he didn't write his own material and had someone do it for him. DM puts a lot of effort into her writing and it's a very personal thing which I'm pretty sure you know so as you can imagine. The shifting sands reference is just pedantic and bringing Millie Vanilli into this is just hurtful.



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Quick question. Since we are doing a story line here, and going for a suspension of reality here to immerse people into the alternate reality of Monria.

Monria does not have any weather, how do the sands shift?

Proof that Monria has Wind...

Monria Winds.gif

Edit: Saw Ant's post after posting this.....Note I am not encouraging continuation...just an observation


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Thanks for posting that Drifter, you beat me to it. I wanted to get some good footage of the wind and shifting sands but I'm involved in Monria chat with the boss at the moment -- important stuff, you know. :p
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