Thought I would add some of my DSEC-9 photos ...


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Managed to take a few photos along the way, but it was quite busy, so I'll be catching some more over the next week or so and will post them along the way.

Entropia 2021-06-01 06-32-57-98.png

This is DSEC-9's shared loot OTIS Commander - (Level 1141)

Entropia 2021-06-01 06-43-25-46.png

Just like his counterpart on Monria (Dunwich), he has an AoE and will destroy your vehicles. :p

Entropia 2021-06-01 08-45-44-23.png

JBK catching some OTIS Bots -- I call them our R2D2 Impersonator Bots

Entropia 2021-06-01 11-09-36-32.png

The 3 Synth Waves have a big Sunjoq Boss -- DSEC Mach-01, DSEC Mach-02, DSEC Mach-03 -- you won't find them anywhere else, but ...
what you WILL find is Pusherman's awesome originally composed music tracks, one for each wave ... love them lots!!
And in the non-wave areas, you will hear NoBion's originally composed music tracks (12 in all), simply awesome!!

Entropia 2021-06-01 11-20-29-74.png

Ant surprised me with a purple moon ... there's quite a bit of purple on DSEC-9, LOL ...
he might have gotten carried away with the paint can. :p

Entropia 2021-06-01 12-47-12-99.png

This is inside Derelict's Cave ... he's part of the mission chain.

Entropia 2021-06-01 15-45-36-35.png

This is where you get your Access Card to the Holoroom in the mission for upgrading armor.
I was teasing in chat in game and on Discord that it was the Normandie MS in the hangar getting a major overhaul.
That was after someone had asked JBK if there was going to be a warp schedule ... LOL ... I'm a brat sometimes. :p

Entropia 2021-06-01 15-46-10-70.png

Yup ... proof the Normandie needed some tender loving care. :nana

If any of you have taken any photos while on DSEC-9, please share them with us ... I was too busy to get what I wanted to, but I'll be back at it again. Haven't even explored half of DSEC-9, but I'm looking forward to it.
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