Tincture Drop Rate In Cuhof

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Cuhof drops them because they are creature loot i think.
Cuhof 01 got the discovery on one of them, instance only having Qaffaz and tabtab, so i do not think that this is mob loot table related inside cuhof.
They were also the highest grade tincture, for MKIII, dropping from the lowest Cuhof.

Additionally, there are no thawr in Cuhof, so that theory would be pretty unbalanced.

Though i personally haven't looted one, cuhof being the only activity i do ingame, and from recent feedback ingame, it looks like it is now hardly dropping there, as we speak.

I am adding a last note that, i have seen a single global in Cuhof 02 for the first time.
Cuhof 02 being a ~107 ped cost, @say 80% return, divided to 3 chest, is theorytically only (forgive my terrible maths) something at 25 ped a chest.
A global means one of these 3 chest hit 50+ped, while i doubt the others contained 10ped.
And it was a single person run.

Long story short, things are happening in Cuhof, likely being tweaked as we speak, as for post-VU, but keep an eye on them.

We will be able to clarify it all overtime :)

@Littlestar b-k i know its two days in a row, but im not picking on you i swear 😇 sorry!!

Ill take the door now —-> 🚪
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as long as it wasnt a huge maturity i think imo all that matters so, thats good to know so, you dont have to kill the huge ones to get them now the question is which maturities start dropping them lol
Yeah the pvp Thawrs are Uber only mobs so hopefully it’s not just the pvp versions but all the maturities however so far I haven’t heard of anyone looting from non pvp ones.


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This is actually the first VU where I've seen an item come to Toulan/DSEC and think the drop rate balance was spot on.

The Salafa series is incredibly relevant and very powerful - deserving of rarity (read: markup). I can't imagine this item was approved with the intent of everyday use.

I'm sure the meta will settle around a subset of players that farm tincture and sell sights during competitions and event periods.

It will require a bankroll and ability to stack resources but these items represent (tens of) thousands of PED through event based earnings and will demand the commensurate markup. Probably incomprehensible for some lower level hunters but each scope could represent a significant amount of markup if there are people documenting how much money you are losing to put them together.

Probably not the answer you are looking for as someone with a blueprint but I doubt this is something getting "fixed". It brings active hunters seeking long-term markup and competitive players looking for more competitive advantage. Really good for a planet having an issue getting on entropialife 👍
L items are made to be consumed not to be rare. people wont use items worth several thousand ped if they are consumed.


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Still having an extremely tough time looting tinctures from any of the various spots. Clearly they are a very rare drop at the moment - hopefully this changes as time goes on.
Yep, only one [Zohoor Tincture] from the narian temple shared loot khaffash, and trust me, I've killed a ton ⚔

Ideally they will give rare loot HOF swirlies so you at least know which avatar to ask about selling it.
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