Toulan Book of Life | Lost Pages Acquired


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Nerdy lists that I like to do :D

PageFirst Looter/BuyerSourceEstate
1Eleni Von EstillaSmall Apartment
2Small Apartment
3Jomanda Yollie MeijerSmall Apartment
4Small Apartment
5Stanley Miles StardustMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
6Skull DuGGeRy Death-BRINGERMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
7Toni Seboas VelebrtMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
8Wynfair Wyn TrademereMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
9SonNarg KingS09 thrachMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
10Bruyan Drfter007 FonsecaMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
11Hally Hally AlliandesMirsal TokensSmall Apartment
12setu0 daC laMonoqEvolved Wahesh xxxSmall Apartment
13Small Apartment
14Small Apartment
15Small Apartment
16Small Apartment
17Pavol Swako GiertiExplosive Projectiles Recycle 3Small Apartment
18Mary Smoky NightCUHOF xxxSmall Apartment
19Small Apartment
20Small Apartment
21Small Apartment
22Small Apartment
23Small Apartment
24Small Apartment
25Chrystoph Pomp PompadourSmall Apartment
26Ace FireFist WilliamsSmall Apartment
27Atrox Atrox Killer
28Kingu KinguXnoX KinguCUHOF 01
29RA 1M 31
33Dea Kali Devi
35Iarxene AJ LightningMirsal TokensMedium Apartment
36Morrath MD DorbathMirsal TokensMedium Apartment
37Eleni Von EstillaMirsal TokensMedium Apartment
38Dakanti Dazz MannMirsal TokensMedium Apartment
39Sherwood Flu FortunaMirsal TokensMedium Apartment
40Eternal JustFineAzlz SkyPharaohEvolved Wahesh xxxMedium Apartment
41John Howard MichaelsMedium Apartment
42Empress Em SwordMedium Apartment
43Hally Hally AlliandesEvolved Wahesh xxxMedium Apartment
44Medium Apartment
45Medium Apartment
46Nahadj L'indien TaijMedium Apartment
47Medium Apartment
48dragon gdog raguMedium Apartment
49Empress Em SwordMedium Apartment
50Medium Apartment
51Medium Apartment
52Medium Apartment
53Sarah SarahWatson Watson
55Shidas Shida Shids
57SpellsAlya Alya DrarhTueMirsal TokensLarge Apartment
58Wrenold Wren YamabishyMirsal TokensLarge Apartment
59Jessika aJK EschweilerLarge Apartment
60Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
63Empress Em Sword
65Eternal JustFineAzlz SkyPharaohJeef Host SupremeLarge Apartment
66ippo minerguyfin finitto
68ManFromUniverse reorgas UNIVERSALShopping Boot
69Shopping Boot
70Noorie Noorie AnwarMokhat AlphaShopping Boot
71Shopping Boot
72Patrick GyZ NilssonShopping Boot
73Pawol Svako GiertiEvolved Wahesh SupremeShopping Boot
75Wlerte GHOST Angel
76Woodooboo Woo DooMirsal Tokens
77Mirsal Tokens
78Empress Em SwordMirsal Tokens
79Mirsal Tokens
81Daniel SideKick69 LeamanEnhanced Duhol xxx
82mercy blow rusNahar Mist Texture
84Mirsal Tokens
85Mirsal Tokens
86Mirsal Tokens
87Mirsal Tokens
88Mirsal Tokens
89Mirsal Tokens
90Mirsal Tokens
91Mirsal Tokens
93Empress Em SwordJeef Host SupremeLarge Shop
94Large Shop
95Mirsal TokensLarge Shop
96Mirsal TokensLarge Shop
97Mirsal TokensLarge Shop
98Mirsal TokensLarge Shop
99Heidi Hatatfatcat StassindopolisJeef Host SupremeLarge Shop
100Large Shop
101Large Shop
102Lorant LorenzoX RabCUHOF 01Large Shop
103raindrop rain morningLarge Shop
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Here is the link to the Book of Life Lost Pages that have been acquired in a spreadsheet done by Avum.

Is this the only link mapping pages to estates?
  • The most recent page looted was Book of Life Page 103 - Potions.
    • The link lists pages with a suffix of "Potions" as a small shop.
  • The link shows page 103 as Book of Life Page103 - Incantations.
    • The link lists pages with a suffix of "Incantations" as a large shop.
  • The estate linked to page 103 according to DME is floor 7, shop 17, which is a large shop.
None of this adds up according to the information on the linked document. Help! Our heads are exploding! 🤯
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I had no official Information when I created that sheet so I guesstimated how many shops apartments etc. there are.

My plan was to update each type as more information revealed.

As I haven't been very active for the last 1.5 years that site is not up to date but I can update it in a few hours if that will help you.

Have a good one 😊

Avum AL

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Updated the google sheet. It still might not be 100% correct.
For example 100 might a potion and there might be a few incantations in between 86-92.
Maybe someone can check queen`s inventory and let me know so i can make it 100% correct :D
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