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Toulan Born Program | How it Works

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The Toulan Born Program is designed to give our new players resources that would enable them to have the best possible beginning experiences on Toulan and across the universe. Also, the community pitches in to support new players in an effort to help facilitate positive experiences and learning about how to be self-sufficient.

Virtualsense, Toulan Developer, is also the developer for Monria. We added Toulan to our virtual family on August 19, 2020. We are just at the beginning of creating a more vibrant environment not only with content, but also with a focus on boosting the economy. The Toulan Born new player experience was enhanced with more meaningful engagements that will help facilitate progression in game play. Toulan Borns are identified by their Toulan Born shirt that is also their passport for boarding our Yamato Mothership and taking advantage of their free space travel benefit.

  • the Toulan Born beginner mission chain begins with Salam at the Citadel location
  • Salam is the first NPC you see when logging into the game after creating your Toulan Born avatar
  • with the beginner missions you will receive items and ammo that are useful to help you progress
  • there are other resources and activities that will help as well
  • here is the link to the Toulan Born Beginner Missions with the 20 steps listed to complete
  • here is a link to a very helpful service where you can acquire weapons and other items -- Entry Level Weapons for Sweat
  • to use your free space travel benefit, see the following
  • prior to signing up for your free space travel benefit:
  • --- you must secure your own space travel to use during our warp schedules
  • --- we cannot guarantee a ride down to a planet at low orbit
  • --- there is no fee for traveling to a planet this way, but ...
  • --- there is a 7 ped fee if you use their Space Station down to the planet
  • --- also, once you exit the Yamato to go down to your planet of choice ...
  • ------- do not accept the first or final summons at that location or you will be back on the Yamato again
  • ------- and there may not be someone to take you back down to the planet
  • --- make sure that you have all planets and space downloaded and updated to prevent disruption
  • ------- before logging into the game, click on Tools at the bottom right of the Client Loader
  • ------- you can check there to make sure you have everything check marked and updated
  • --- periodically check the Toulan Trade channel in the game because low TT transportation items may be available
  • --- you can access the Toulan Trade channel by typing the following in your chat box
  • --- /join #toulan_trade
  • --- required for space travel would be -- a low TT Sleipnir, low TT or full TT Space Thruster, and Oil
  • --- some may sell transportation sets who aren't necessarily connected to this Toulan Born Program
  • --- check the Toulan Auction if none are available in Toulan Trade, or from someone selling them
  • --- you can also advertise in the Toulan Trade channel that you're looking to buy these items
  • ALSO
  • --- make sure you do your 8 posts to see the Shoutbox at the Virtualsense forum
  • --- this is how we communicate with our passengers during a warp schedule
  • --- especially if they need to log out until it is safe to log in at their destination
  • THEN ... only after you have your own transportation and have done the 8 posts
  • sign up for your free Virtualsense Space Travel benefit and be added to the Yamato guest list
  • --- follow the instructions in the first post exactly and make sure to indicate that you are Toulan Born
  • --- our Warp Schedule is on Fridays and Sundays only, but we travel to all planets
  • --- please do not wait until the last minute to sign up for your free travel benefit
  • --- and don't sign up on an actual day of travel because there may not be enough time
  • --- if you sign up on a Friday or Sunday, you may not get added to the Yamato guest list in time
  • --- be sure to wear your Toulan Born shirt so that the Flight Manager knows you travel free
  • --- the Yamato Repair Skilling Program is going through a reorganization
  • --- when the program is ready to launch again, Yamato pilots will host repair skilling runs
  • --- each Yamato pilot will have their own dedicated section at the forum to post a repair run
  • --- you can find the information here --> Yamato Repair Skilling Program
  • --- you will need an RK-0 and 50k welding wire for each repair skilling run
  • --- these runs can last 3 hours or more, and they begin from the Monria Space Station
  • ------- however, repair skilling runs may also be scheduled from the Toulan Space Station
  • --- if you need a repair kit, check the Toulan Trade channel, or the Toulan Auction
  • --- or check the Monria Shops Inventory Tool once you get to Monria, because the repair runs begin there
  • --- there is also a Toulan Shops Inventory Tool, but there is only one active shop at the moment
  • ------- it is located at the Toulan Pet Stable owned by WangXiang
  • --- booths, shops and apartments were released with the Dec 1st VU but it will take a while for them to be active
  • --- consideration is being given to have these items available on the Yamato for sale as well
  • --- this is a good way to build skills
  • --- the Toulan branch of the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) is Co-Managed by:
  • ------- Harry Hally Alliandes and Stanley Miles Stardust
  • --- go to Virtualsense Community Assistance Team to see what services are provided by VCAT members
  • --- go to (insert link to thread after created) to see introductions from Toulan community members
  • --- check their information to see their qualifications and if their time zone fits with yours
  • --- go to Guide to Choosing a Mentor to help you make a wise choice
Be sure to join the in-game Toulan & Monria Chat Channels to stay connected:
  • in the chat box at the bottom left, press the ENTER key and type --> /join #toulan
  • then do the same thing with --> /join #monria
  • right mouse click on the Main tab in the chat box on the left (first tab)
  • click New Tab at the top, then name the tab --> Toulan
  • do the same thing and name the next new tab --> Monria
  • right click on each of the tabs
  • select #toulan and come into the chat channel to introduce yourself, then do the same for the #monria tab
  • both communities are friendly and very helpful
  • keep the Toulan and Monria chat channels active because it's a good place to ask questions
  • also follow the same steps to join the Monria and Toulan trade channels: #monriatrade -and- #toulan_trade
Here are other links that will be helpful in learning about Toulan and navigating your experiences:
  • Toulan Shops Inventory Tool ... everything at your fingertips -- (insert link after this app goes live)
  • --- shops were released on Dec 1, 2020 and it will be a while before more shops are stocked and operational
  • Toulan Events ... there are official events and player-created events
  • --- there is also a regular monthly event (insert additional details when available)
  • --- the monthly event is a full 48 hour frenetic weekend
  • Virtualsense Quarterly Magazine - September 2020
  • --- includes an exclusive VIP interview with Toulan and Monria's developer
  • --- to learn more about Monria, see the following Monria Quarterly Magazine issues
  • Monria Quarterly Magazine
  • --- you can learn a lot about Monria in the magazine issues
  • --- when visiting Monria, be sure to check out the following information
  • Monria Missions / Mob Information ... this is a direct link to all missions with details and mob info
  • --- all of our missions have their own thread with details in their own category
  • --- the mob information gives you names, as well as the level and health of all of our mobs
  • --- there is other information in this document as well, like wave and pet locations
  • --- the same is being done for all Toulan missions and mob information and will take time to get posted
  • Virtualsense Official Discord ... this is an invite link that does not expire
  • --- there is both a Toulan and Monria section with useful information
  • --- connect with other community members and learn more or share your experiences
  • --- also, you can connect with the Virtualsense Community Manager here when she's offline
The following is for when your visit Monria:

(formerly known as the South and West Craters)
  • from the DSEC Forensics Crater, go SE to the abandoned mine, follow the road
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [38487, 19936, 31]
  • --- be mindful that there are Yogs outside the abandoned mine entrance
  • --- they should be mostly off to the left unless someone aggro'd them
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Mining Camp crater ... capture the TP and then ...
  • from the DSEC Mining Camp TP follow the road out to the abandoned mine
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [37744, 17987, 110]
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Military Camp crater ... be sure to capture the TP
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