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Hello foreigners,

With its new implementation, and avalanche of questions that keeps pouring in chats about this mission, i decided to write what is this citizenship mission about, its benefits, and what/how it can be done ; so you can stop being a foreigner, and even have a name!


The characters in this picture are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is entirely coincidental. For any complain, request, concern, loan, trade, theories, weather forecast or currency conversion, please contact our friendly support at Nahar Tower ~ Door A / Floor 12. Yours truely, not Ulf.

Step 01 : Get NawaCore MK3
This is the first requirement to be able to pick the mission.
The whole NawaCore topic has already been fully covered in the following thread, by Bonnie.
Nawa Core Data | Presented by Alaina Bonnie Knight

Step 02 : Pick up the mission at the tourism office desk
Once you have the NawaCore MK3, then all you have to do is to pick the Citizenship mission by Haneen at Citadel.
[Planet Toulan, 132614, 94097, 280, Waypoint]
Easy, right?

Entropia 2022-03-03 17.10.45.png

Step 03 : Waiting
Very likely the hardest part of the mission.
The progress on this mission can only be done during Toulan Monthly Events, occurring once a month, the last weekend of each month.
Example of previous events : Toulan | Official Events
So, all you have to do now is wait, which gives you plenty of time to be ready for next event.
Here is how to do this step best :

Entropia 2022-03-03 17.14.06.png

Step 04 : The actual event
Well done on achieving the hardest part!
Now comes the fun!
All you have to do is to participate in eliminating defending Toulan from its Invaders ~ If you are not into Lore stuffs at all, that means killing event mobs.
There are three event mobs, and here is the link to their statistics and locations:
Jeef Zajer Host
Enhanced Duhol
Enhanced Wahesh
  • Event mobs are shared loot.
  • You do not need to team to kill them while playing with friends.
  • Crossfire will not do any "kill steal", though it may be seen as annoying, so please play fair to avoid frustration.
  • Kills done in Team will not count within the Citizenship progress, since i suppose the game will not recognize names hidden in a team kill.
  • Progress is working just like codex. So killing mobs will fill the meter, the bigger the faster.
Off you go, time to shoot!

Step 05 : How to kill?
This step is targeted to lower level players only
Since a lot of people speculated that this mission was an "endgame" thing, i wanted to show that, this is a false statement.

I calculated a minimum of 25 card DPS (damage per second) to easily and be comfortable at hunting the lowest mobs, Jeef Zajer Host Young, consistently.

What i call "Card DPS" is the DPS shown in game, here 24.5DPS as follow:


25 Card DPS is the minimum you need, and this is without an amp, nor damage enhancer.
Pure bare and simple item.

So for a mundane player, with moderate skills, and budjet, armatrix-10 is already above this standards.
At 28 Card DPS, without damage amplifier, enhancer, rings nor nothing.


This item is widely available, exists in pistol/rifle/laser/BLP/Sword/Knife model, and requires Lv10 to use ; Though maxed at Lv15, which is what we want to recommend.
Pretty inexpensive, this should be your gateway, or one of many, to participate into the Citizenship mission.
A brand new player usually is already above Lv10 at the time they finish their Discipleship, at average 4 weeks in game.
This is how accessible this mission would virtually be.

You can, of course, also get a lower damage weapon, and add an amplifier, rings, etc etc ...

I personally have stretched it to Z12 rifle combined with Arsonist Chip II, and made ~20% progress on the said weekend with this setup.
This includes a lot of sleep, and RL stuffs, so not trying too hard, and a nice and easy pace.

We also tried with four persons shooting on Z12, which also divide and spread the damage taken.
So there are plenty options.

Any combination is possible to reach this "25 Card DPS".
For you to figure things out, and see what suits your persona, goals and budjet, at the best.

Additionally, you can walk with a killing team on bigger mobs, like Wahesh, which is active at pretty much every event. Though you be relying on others, and obviously, that 25DPS rule doesnt apply anymore ; Any pea shooter will contribute.

Last point to survive Jeefs.
They inflict Stab / Cut / Penetration and inflict decent damage ; about 35-70 damage interval (I will need to log this more accurately next event).
So make sure to be properly covered, but there are no level requirements for armors, so take a pick.

The new VU released a L Cuhof armor that would be pretty Jeef-proof, and should be pretty affordable, so keep an eye in shops around, because that will be your first decent option at hand.

Step 06 : The Benefits / What's Next?
Upon completing the Citizenship mission, you unlock :
  • Toulan Born shirt and pants
  • FREE lifetime pass on the Yamato warp ship - Running twice every weekend.
  • Toulan born Storyline Missions and quests
  • "The Queen's Appreciation" Quest line
To receive your outfit and complete the mission, speak to Haneen once the Citizenship progress is completed.

To gain access to the Yamato, sign up HERE and read/follow the instructions.

To start the second leg of the mission : The Queen's Appreciation, meet the Citizen Representative NPC at Guardian Village.

Entropia 2022-03-03 17.45.59.png


The Queen's Appreciation Questline

Stage 1 : Kill 500 invaders during Toulan monthly Event
Reward : "The Coronation" Tapestry

Entropia 2022-06-04 09.19.58.png

Stage 2 : Kill 500 invaders during Toulan Monthly event.
Reward : ???


I think that covers everything, until more updates unfold.
Hope this helps,


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I love this Eleni, especially the disclaimer below the first photo ... I can't stop laughing over here. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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The Queen's Coronation is actually considered a Tapestry, and I think that might be in the description, I would have to check though.

I absolutely love this thread and every time I read it I can't stop laughing. 🤭
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