Toulan Item Suggestions from Wren


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So here is a list of items I think may be fun to add to Toulan.
Just leaving this with no expectations. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Alliandes Royal Guard Armor - Toulan does need craft armors.

Mohajem (Elder) Eleni's Whet Stone - maybe buff like the candies but only for melee abilities (also note Eleni wants a giant Toulan specific UL blade)

Mohajem (Elder)'s Storybook - Decorative item contains lore from Toulan

Stardust Loom - Decorative furniture - All these carpet have to come from somewhere.

Royal Shoe pillow - I need something that I can stack these shoes on top of to really show them off.

Ytech "Gordian" Short Blade - a craftable toulan short blade - someone was asking for a finishing dagger and I always wanted my own item. :p a combination of Monrian and Toulan technology - something about a shaggoth, nawa, and dark nawa.


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Great idea, and while i know the VS team probably have tons of ideas themselves it could be cool with a hivemind trust of ideas.

Heres a few that i have thought of

Duhol Club, well a club, maybe UL but using the mace skills
Narian combat armor, UL armor pieces, very rare and high def fitting for high end Toulan mobs
Hookah, a decorative hookah for appartments
Bahri fist, craftable powerfist, since the tt still dosnt have any
Bazar trader, a (L?) Toulan theemed version of shopkeeper

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Stardust Loom - Decorative furniture - All these carpet have to come from somewhere.
That just got to me haha!

And i dont want a giant sword, just a pretty sword with Giant TT and Giant damage 😁

Loving the ideas though, this Stardust looming machine has to happen haha!
And i never thought of a Narian armor... Curious now!

Thats something i actually never thought about, and even trying to think, i actually have no idea to offer.
Pretty happy with what i see now.

And Toulan does need crafted armors!

PS. I have no idea what candies do :D
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