Toulan Monthly Event | Jan 26th - 28th | Decca Thinks She's Gaining Cult Members


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Just as I figured, Decca is experiencing a false joy thinking that her master plan is working with getting community members to join the Church of the Elder Gods. I said before that the community is too smart to fall for her subterfuge, and therefore, she is the one getting duped.

A few who have joined the Church of the Elder Gods and have achieved their first Elder Initiates Robe have been interacting with Decca in a pleasant way, but unbeknownst to her, this is all a ruse, so you might even say that we are employing more undercover operatives to try to find out what Decca might be up to next. If you should see her out and about at any of our locations, be mindful and approach with caution. She won't think twice about demonstrating her green Maladrite evil as a means to gain control of your thinking, and thereby doing her bidding.

An example of this behavior was seen during one of our warp schedules when Decca appeared on the Yamato and demanded that a photo be taken with two of what she thinks are members of her Cult of Shut'thend ... it gave me delight to know that this is far from true. Goth is also still on the job as an undercover operative in the thick of things to find out what he can as well. Decca had approached him on the Yamato during a warp schedule not long ago too. With Goth though, he can get closer to the inner workings of the Cult and give valuable intel. With our community members, they can play along with Decca until one day when we will unleash our own fury upon her and her evil Cult.

Dea Kali Devi - Decca - ShadowDragonV​
Decca - Gothgorath​

Until then, it is important to stay on course. Take the rewards from the Church of the Elder Gods, but remain strong. Let your faith be in knowing that the Elder Gods are our allies and will not waver in their support of our efforts to continue gaining ground.

Question is ... when will that glorious day come, and how volatile will it have to be? ... we have a long road ahead of us, so let us be ever prepared for battle.


Event Begins | Friday, Jan 26th -- 19:00 Game Time
Event Ends | Sunday, Jan 28th -- Midnight or After
--- to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard
Location | Begins at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara and will expand across various locations on Toulan over the weekend

Yamato Warp Schedule will run on Thursday, Jan 25th and Monday, Jan 29th due to the weekend-long Toulan event.

Specific Details
  • The Toulan community and allies must unite once again to defeat shared loot mobs and protect the planet
  • As a reminder, the 22 modified mob maturities will only ever appear during events
  • The Lost Pages will drop from all mobs during an event and outside of an event, as well as from mining and crafting
  • As learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, the mob attacks will commence at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara when she kicks off the event outside the East Gate
  • --- she is calling on all Insians and allies to defend the village
  • We also learned that following the initial attack, there is a full scale invasion across various locations on Toulan
Here is a link to Toulan's Mobs ... including Event Mobs, Toulan Waves, Boss Mobs, and Toulan Codex.
Also a link to the Toulan Everything Guide ... the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool ... and the Toulan Directory
Here is a link to the Toulan Monthly Event | Event Mob Details & Locations


We warned you before to come fully prepared because the behavior of these unique 22 modified creatures is unpredictable. Many learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, that anyone stepping into the large aggro range of these mobs will trigger a full-on charge of all of the mobs at once, and it's not just one group of them. There are waves that include boss mobs, and then all 7 of the boss mobs in a row, one more deadly than the one before. When this initial onslaught of chaos concludes, the full scale invasion across various locations on Toulan begins for the remainder of the weekend.

For full and complete details about this monthly event, there is an article in the Dec 2020 Virtualsense Quarterly magazine that breaks everything down.

  • The Toulan Citizenship Mission is tied into the Toulan Monthly Event only.
  • You need a NawaCore MK3 to be able to take the mission from NPC Haneen at the Citadel in the Information Booth.
  • Here is a link to Nawa/NawaCore information.
  • Only event mobs (including the mobs at the beginning wave activity at Guardian Village) will count toward points and progressing the mission.
  • Event mobs are all shared loot mobs and your contribution will give points, you don't have to have the kill shot.
  • You will not receive points from event mobs while in a team.
  • After completing the Toulan Citizenship Mission you will receive the Toulan Born outfit, the free space travel benefit on the Yamato and ---
  • --- eligible to do all current and future Toulan Born missions and Queen Nara's continued Citizenship missions taken from the Citizens Representative
  • --- the Citizens Representative NPC is located just inside of the Guardian Village East Gate on the right
ToulanOutfit-Front.png ToulanOutfit-Back.png

3 - Event Mobs.png

(these guys, and the other wave levels all charge at once when the first player breaches their aggro range, which is quite large)​



Tedros 420

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Entropia 2024-01-27 10.55.33.png

After stowing away my supplies, backpack and sleeping bag - "What a beautiful morning!" I said to myself, and sprang forth with renewed vigor from the CUHOF caves. As you see, this is where I had camped out this week, after arriving from Monria, to prepare for the Toulan monthly event weekend while working towards finishing their Citizenship Program. It is a small cubby, just across from the armor instance, from where Mudarra the Armorer keeps his forever watchful eye.

Entropia 2024-01-27 10.46.57.png

However, this cave is far better than where I had slept in previous months, while working on Citizenship. Camping in the ancient bones of a Wahesh close to Sandy Shores South. While the night sky view was far superior...I can assure you, the Wahesh eggs hidden away there make horrible pillows.

Entropia 2024-01-27 10.42.53.png

My renewed vigor is not without reason! After completing the initial stage, I am now an official Citizen of Toulan! Got a new set of brilliantly made clothes, access to the Toulan born mission chain and I no longer have to sneak aboard the Yamato and hide from Monria Fleet Manager in an attempt to skip out on travel fees! (just kidding, but free travel is a nice benefit)

Toulan Citizenship.png

(I may have stretched this pic too much, bit distorted)

There is more to do on my path going boldly forward as a proud citizen of Toulan, with "The Queen's Appreciation" to further solidify my citizenship and loyalty to Queen Nara, as well as all the hourly missions with skill gains as rewards. Safe to say "I came for the thrills, but will be staying for the skills!".

I wish you all luck on your journey and thank you for the fun. :)

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Congratulations Tedros, this is awesome, and I absolutely LOVE the story that you told with your adventures to reach the final goal. More are becoming Toulan Citizens and it's nice to learn when it happens.

Your post here is just fine and signifies what monthly event you accomplished your goal. :thumbsup


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That's fantastic ... who are the other two with you?
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