Toulan Monthly Event | Oct 15 - 17 | Narian Temple in Grave Danger


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Queen Nara's experience at the Narian Temple recently while meditating was nothing less than disturbing. She is adept at deep relaxation and avoiding any thought distractions that interrupt an otherwise peaceful and serene moment. She is able to dismiss any external influences that might disrupt the meditation process, and many times has transcended herself beyond space and time into the Lotus Temple on Elara, her homeland.

However, this time it was different. Her telepathic connection with DEC at DSEC-9 allowed them to converse about the chaos present at both temples and how crucial it is that they be protected at all costs. Guards are dying in battle, gladly giving their lives to protect the Queen and the sacred temples, and in a move of urgency, Nara is asking for DEC's help. Dark Nawa is at the crux of chaos, and Nara knows it's not going to be easy to control.

DEC is willing to do whatever is needed to help Nara, but beyond his surveillance efforts, what is it that can be done. He knows where the Lotus Temple is, but he can't get to it outside of observing with technical equipment. A couple of visitors to DSEC-9 were able to get a glimpse, but there was no getting close let alone gaining access. There has to be a way to be able to add extra security to both temples, especially since there are now higher-level creatures present around the perimeter of the Narian Temple where the locals struggle to contain them. Nara and DEC are hopeful that more of the locals and their allies will step forward to help keep the dangers at bay.

First discovery of the Lotus Temple by Little Star:

Entropia 2021-09-01 16.37.17.png

Second discovery of the Lotus Temple by Bonnie Knight:


The question would be: will this turn out to be something ominous, or something quite delightful?

Event Begins | Friday, Oct 15th -- 19:00 Game Time
Event Ends | Sunday, Oct 17th -- Midnight or After
--- to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and then press U ... or
--- press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard
Location | Begins at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara and will expand across various locations on Toulan over the weekend

Yamato Warp Schedule will run on Thursday, Oct 14th and Monday, Oct 18th due to the weekend-long Toulan event.

Specific Details
  • The Toulan community and allies must unite once again to defeat shared loot mobs and protect the planet
  • As a reminder, the 22 modified mob maturities will only ever appear during events
  • There are specific Lost Pages for the Book of Life that can only ever be looted during an event
  • The Lost Pages will drop from all mobs during an event and outside of an event
  • As learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, the mob attacks will commence at Guardian Village with HM Queen Nara
  • --- she is calling on all Insians and allies to defend the village
  • We also learned that following the initial attack, there is a full scale invasion planned across various locations on Toulan
Here is a link to Toulan's Mobs ... including Event Mobs, Toulan Waves and Boss Mobs, and Toulan Codex.


We warned you before to come fully prepared because the behavior of these unique 22 modified creatures is unpredictable. Many learned with the launch of this monthly event in Dec 2020, that anyone stepping into the large aggro range of these mobs will trigger a full-on charge of all of the mobs at once, and it's not just one group of them. There are waves that include boss mobs, and then all 7 of the boss mobs in a row, one more deadly than the one before. When these 7 boss mobs are killed, the full scale invasion across various locations on Toulan begins for the remainder of the weekend.

However, there is an added segment to the end of the initial waves and bosses for about an hour or so ... it will keep you busy. :p

For full and complete details about this monthly event, there is an article in the Dec 2020 Virtualsense Quarterly magazine that breaks everything down.


(these guys, and the other wave levels all charge at once when the first player breaches their aggro range, which is quite large)

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