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For those who have either looted or bought a Toulan booth, shop or apartment (and the apartment has a Shopkeeper), please send me a PM at the forum so that I can work with you to set up your dedicated forum section to post your inventory list. There's a specific way the thread has to be created, and I initially do that for you, as well as get you set up as an entry in the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool database so that you can easily keep your inventory list updated.

Once everything is set up (which doesn't take that long), you will receive your own Shop Owner Admin Page link, which includes built-in password protection, so that you can access your Toulan Shop Inventory Tool account to update your items in the database ... it's really quite easy.

Morrath is setting up an option on my Admin Panel so that I can add entries without having to wait for him to do it. Once your inventory list is in the database, I also check it on my Admin Panel and add all of the item sub-categories. I also check each day to see if there are any changes to your inventory list and whether anything further needs sub-categories added. The system eventually learns specific categories so they all don't have to be re-entered each time you make changes and update.

As we progress and more booth, shops and apartments with shopkeepers are added, it will tremendously help the Toulan community find what they need, and the Toulan economy will continue to get a boost, along with how we sort out all of Toulan's resources to have a useful purpose.

We support our booth, shop and shopkeeper owners on both Toulan and Monria.

Here's to our evolving communities ... we think you're simply awesome. :thumbsup
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