Toulan Tree Harvesting Locations

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Brief guide for finding Toulan harvesting locations!


There are cuttable trees randomly almost everywhere around Toulan where there are trees.

Most TP areas have cuttable trees, for example; Pit North or Sandy Shores South.

A- An easy area for tree cutting, no mobs, but not the highest density available.

B- Many cuttable trees, Young-Old Sunjoq in area.

C- Highest density of trees on planet and is where the Woodcutter's Helper mission is located.
Woodcutters Helper - Khalil - Event Island Area - /wp [Planet Toulan, 131689, 91932, 101]
However, due to the nature of the Woodcutter's Helper mission, there are quite a few mobs in the area.

D- Some trees, but watch out for the Jeef! - As they have a fairly large aggro range.

E- Flora and Fauna Center - Many cuttable trees, no mobs outside. Enjoy the cool island breeze while you harvest some trees with the greatest of ease!

Toulan Guide to Everything - Super handy dandy guide with clickable links to forum pages and other good info.


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There is one more area around building of pit north and then continuing towards quaffazes spawner. And flora and fauna island :p
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