1. Tedros 420

    Toulan Tree Harvesting Locations

    Brief guide for finding Toulan harvesting locations! There are cuttable trees randomly almost everywhere around Toulan where there are trees. Most TP areas have cuttable trees, for example; Pit North or Sandy Shores South. A- An easy area for tree cutting, no mobs, but not the highest...
  2. WangXiang

    Selling Large Apartment -- SOLD

    Selling Nahar Towers, Apartment B (L) - Floor 3 Large Apartment 250 Item Points SOLD Please make your offer via PM. PED only. This is not an auction. I would prefer a buyer who is engaged with the community, or is Monria/Toulan born. Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing

    Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 2 l Display Area | Drifter007

    THIS SHOPKEEPER OUTSIDE SHOP 2 IS CURRENTLY EMPTY (updates have not been done since Apr 6, 2021)

    Shopkeeper Inventory List - Nahar Towers, Apt L - Floor 2

    SHOPKEEPER INVENTORY LIST @ ( SHOPKEEPER ) * Aeglic Ring (L) * Ares Ring (L) * Artemic Ring (L) * Qty 2 * Hermetic Ring * Qty 2 * Quad-Wing Interceptor (L) * Space Thruster (L) #toulanshopready

    Toulan Nahar Towers, Apartment L (S) - Floor 2 | Drifter007

    Naluot Shop An apartment with a shopkeeper on planet Toulan. It is located at [Planet Toulan, 134264, 96620, 175, Waypoint]. Some of the types of items you can expect to see in stock are CUHOF keys, Nawa Essence, Rings, Vehicles, weapons, materials, and much more, changed frequently. Check...
  6. Miles Stardust

    Miles Underground Bazaar - Fashion & Design Showroom - Nahar Towers 1st Floor Unit M

    I've been preparing for this for quite a long time, and at last it is ready. Come on down and have a look around my fashion and design showroom. I suggest you wait in my entry hall while things load for the full effect. The space is primarily filled with Toulanian designs, fashions, and...
  7. BigTopChairsAndRugInApt.jpg


    Two Big Top Chairs make a sofa, with Toulan carpet on the wall
  8. AmberDreamRugInApt.jpg


    Many Toulan things visible in the this shot.
  9. Miles Stardust

    3 Thawr Globals in 3 minutes

    I was wrapping up a big Thawr/Duhol hunt, and I triggered the Thawr wave on my way in to Snow Stretch to use up my ammo on a few more mobs. This happened - all within 3 minutes - the last two were back to back. (Maybe not, looking at the ammo count, but it felt like it) Good Fun! Miles
  10. 2020-11-06 -- Wahesh Stalker 285 PED .jpg

    2020-11-06 -- Wahesh Stalker 285 PED .jpg

    A nice one.
  11. Nahar City Statue 2015-11-07.jpg

    Nahar City Statue 2015-11-07.jpg

    Screen shot of the giant statue standing over Nahar City, Toulan
  12. Nahar City View 2015-11-07.jpg

    Nahar City View 2015-11-07.jpg

    This is prior to the construction of Nahar Towers
  13. Toulan from Space 2014-04-26.jpg

    Toulan from Space 2014-04-26.jpg

    A old view of Toulan from Space, with my Quad and the Space Station in the foreground and Next Island also in view.
  14. Desert Sunset 2020-08-23 22-25-20.jpg

    Desert Sunset 2020-08-23 22-25-20.jpg

    It looked so nice I snapped a picture.
  15. House-2014-02-20 0-42-39.jpg

    House-2014-02-20 0-42-39.jpg

    A small house in Nahar City.
  16. 2014-02-20 -- Duhol Dominant 71 PED .jpg

    2014-02-20 -- Duhol Dominant 71 PED .jpg

    My first global on Toulan - The day after discovery
  17. miles-motamared.jpg


    A full Motamared set with Toulan textures and weapon
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