Selling Large Apartment -- SOLD


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Nahar Towers, Apartment B (L) - Floor 3
Large Apartment
250 Item Points


Please make your offer via PM.

PED only. This is not an auction. I would prefer a buyer who is engaged with the community, or is Monria/Toulan born.

Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
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Finally have a place to put an item I've held on to for about 20 years longer than expected 😂

My original goal for Toulan was to complete the codex, but plans change and I'd like to invest more time in the community here. I will work to become more involved and contribute where I can.

See you around, neighbors!


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Thanks for the warm welcome folks! One last problem I'm trying to solve:

The avatar creation system changed so many times over the years I think I got left without my Irish color.

I rarely take armor off since it's so embarrassing to have inappropriately appropriated another culture -- this game is so complex to reflect on 🤔

Life sucks in the pandemic, but let's realize there are much larger problems to solve.

Edit: Personally, I’m happy with who I am IRL and in EU — it’s not really that different when it comes down to it where you project your thoughts and intentions. I just know I haven’t kept up with how woke people are these days and figure it might be offensive to make economical decisions in a stablecoin game with misleading graphics on my body.
I’ll keep playing the way I am unless someone tells me it’s against the law 🤔
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