Miles Underground Bazaar - Fashion & Design Showroom - Nahar Towers 1st Floor Unit M

Miles Stardust

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I've been preparing for this for quite a long time, and at last it is ready.

Come on down and have a look around my fashion and design showroom. I suggest you wait in my entry hall while things load for the full effect.


The space is primarily filled with Toulanian designs, fashions, and textures. Full coordinated outfits are displayed along with many individual items, including rugs and furnishings. Almost everything outside my office is for sale. PM me in game or on this forum if you would like to meet up and make a deal.

Just looking around is actively encouraged. You never know what you might find. Enjoy!

Peace, Miles

h/t to soul for the lighting


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Miles, that is brilliant, and if I was still on Toulan, I would be rushing over there right now ... I'll be back on Thursday so will definitely head over and have a look ... just love it Miles, it's awesome. :thumbsup

Eleni Von Estlla

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I know thats a dream come true for you Miles.
And that you worked very hard for it.
Congratulation on this achievement of a lifetime.
Keep aiming for a shop !
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