Toulan Nahar Towers, Apartment L (S) - Floor 2 | Drifter007


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An apartment with a shopkeeper on planet Toulan. It is located at [Planet Toulan, 134264, 96620, 175, Waypoint]. Some of the types of items you can expect to see in stock are CUHOF keys, Nawa Essence, Rings, Vehicles, weapons, materials, and much more, changed frequently. Check it out, and contact me if you need anything.

More information on the shop and things related to it, can be found in the links below.
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Hi Drifter ... I'm going to set up a dedicated section for you to be able to create an actual inventory list (I'll work with you on this) in the format required so that your items can be listed in the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool database and be available to the community.

I'll send you a PM here at the forum with details, and after I have things set up I can move this thread into your dedicated section. :)
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