Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 2 l Display Area | Drifter007

    The Wall Shop A shopkeeper to fulfill your needs. Stop by for some mining amps, tools, vehicles, and other items. Check out the shop and feel free to message me if you have any questions. You can also click these links below for related pages to this shop. Calypso Forum

    Shopkeeper Inventory List - Nahar Towers, Apt L - Floor 2

    SHOPKEEPER INVENTORY LIST @ ( SHOPKEEPER ) * Aeglic Ring (L) * Qty 3 * Ares Ring (L) * Qty 3 * Artemic Ring (L) * Qty 2 * Athenic Ring (L) * Qty 2 * Hermetic Ring * Qty 2 * CUHOF 01 Key * Qty 5 * Explorer Mk. 1 (L) * Quad-Wing Interceptor (L) * Space Thruster (L) #toulanshopready

    Toulan Nahar Towers, Apartment L (S) - Floor 2 | Drifter007

    Naluot Shop An apartment with a shopkeeper on planet Toulan. It is located at [Planet Toulan, 134264, 96620, 175, Waypoint]. Some of the types of items you can expect to see in stock are CUHOF keys, Nawa Essence, Rings, Vehicles, weapons, materials, and much more, changed frequently. Check...
  4. Legends

    YOG Damage types & Recommended Armor

    I did some testing on Yogs and determined that their damage types and distribution is as follows: 22% Impact 30% Cut 30% Stab 18% Acid I did this testing on Level 5 Tunneller Yogs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and maturities. In fact, it is...
  5. Luckycharm

    Selling: Cthylla Towers Shop 6 I (+ Display Area)

    *** Shop sold to Noz *** As I'm not going to be online often anymore it feels like it's best to sell my monria shop. It has been upgraded with 40 item points, so it is totalling 250 points indoor and additionally has 10 points in it's hallway with item trade availability. Aside from that the...
  6. Drifter007

    WTB - Monria Shop

    Hello, I am interested in buying a shop on Monria. If you have one for sale, please send me a PM or message me in-game. I am called Bryan Drifter007 Fonseca in EU.
  7. Gatekeeper

    Shop Inventory List - Cthulhu Tower, Shop 1

    Following is a list of items in my shop. If you have any requests please let me know Either in game or send me a pm here on the forums. Happy hunting to all and good luck! CURRENT SHOP INVENTORY @ ( SHOPKEEPER - MAIN ROOM ) * Aeglic Ring (L) * Qty 4 * Hermetic Ring (L) * DragonFly Helicopter...
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