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I did some testing on Yogs and determined that their damage types and distribution is as follows:

22% Impact
30% Cut
30% Stab
18% Acid

I did this testing on Level 5 Tunneller Yogs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and maturities. In fact, it is generally known within the Monria community that the higher level Yogs also deal Cold damage. I haven't done any testing yet to find out in what proportion exactly, but I have found that most Level 6s and Level 11s on up do deal Cold. The level 7 Yogs don't deal Cold.

If, like most of us, you do not currently own one of the incredibly cost-efficient healing tools such as an Adjusted Resto chip or Modified Fap, then it will be much more economical for you to protect yourself using the right combination of Armor and Plates.

I would like to provide additional information regarding these options, i.e. which one is stronger, which one is more economical, what plates should be used, etc... The Armor set-ups below are listed from strongest to weakest against Yogs specifically. Note that some of these armor options are being listed here specifically because they are suitable for hunting other mobs on Monria, not just Yogs.

First allow me a quick discussion about your choice of armor plates. Due to the type and distribution of the Yogs' damage, there are quite a few armor plates that will be of benefit to you. Your choice of which plates to use depends on whether your armor requires more Cut/Stab protection, or if it requires more Acid and/or Cold protection.

Here they are below, listed from the highest level of protection to the lowest level of protection against Yogs:

For armors that require a boost in Cut/Stab protection:
RUDOLF Dragon plate mk3 (L) – 36 points of Cut/Stab
MORRISON Dragon plate mk3 (L) – 34 points of Cut/Stab
Moonshine plate 1 (L) – 33 points of Cut/Stab
LEMMY Dragon plate mk1 (L) – 27 points of Cut/Stab
Pulsar 8 (L) – 25 points of Cut/Stab
POP Dragon plates mk1, mk2 & mk3 (L) – 20/22/26 points of Cut/Stab
NEVERDIE Dragon plates mk1, mk2
and mk3 (L) – 16/20/24 points of Cut/Stab
Pulsar 10 (L) – 18 points of Cut/Stab
– 17 points of Cut/Stab

For armors that require a boost in Acid protection:
Pulsar 4 (L) – 27 Acid & 5 Impact (12000 durability)
Mark.2E (L) – 22 Acid, 6 Impact & 3 Pen (13200 durability)
GARCIA Dragon Plate mk1, mk2 & mk3 – 15/20/24 Acid & Burn

Mark.6C (L) – 13 Acid & 5 Impact (13450 durability)
JOPLIN Dragon Plate mk1, mk2 & mk3 – Acid, Impact & Penetration
Mark.4A – 4 Acid, 6 Impact, 5 Cut & 2 Stab (1700 durability)
Mark.2D (L) – 2 Acid, 2 Burn, 9 Impact, 4 Cut & 3 Stab (11990 durability)

Mark.2C – 5 Acid, 3 Impact & 2 Cut (900 durability)

For armors that require a boost in Cold protection:
Mark.4E (L) – 26 Cold, 7 Cut & 2 Pen (14200 durability)
Pulsar 3 (L) – 26 Cold & 5 Cut (11500 durability)
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L) – 7 Cold (1500 durability)

For armors that require a boost in both Acid & Cold protection:

HENDRIX Dragon Plate mk1, mk2 & mk3 – Cold, Acid & Electric
Mark.5D – 12 Cold, 6 Acid, 4 Pen, 2 Cut & 2 Stab (1900 durability)
Mark.4D (L) – 7 Cold, 6 Acid, 8 Electric & 2 Impact (13150 durability)

A comment on the armor recommendations below:

The more you hunt and the more your Evade skill increases. The higher your Evade, the fewer hits will be inflicted onto you by the mob. In addition to that, if your skills allow you to use higher level weapons, you will be able to kill mobs more rapidly, affording them less time for which to deal your damage. Some of you may find that the recommended protection below is too high for your needs and I understand that. Take into consideration your hunting skills before making a selection. These armor suggestions are for an average hunter, a hunter with enough skills to kill these Shubs but an Evade level somewhere between 12 and 18.

Armor recommendations for hunting Yogs, listed from strongest to weakest:

Mayhem (L): Hunt anything with this set! For the bigger Yog bosses in the Yog waves, the plates which add Acid protection like Mark.2E (L) will be most helpful to you.

Rutuba (L): Will definitely deflect all of the damage dealth by the level 24 Broodmother without any plates. It is a looted armor whose parts can be time consuming and expensive to collect but I search for and acquire whatever I can and make it available for you in The Monria Armor Shop. For the bigger Yog bosses in the Yog waves, the plates which add Cut/Stab protection like Pulsar 8 (L) will be the most helpful.

Aquila (L): This armor is one of the best choices a Monria hunter could make, it's perfect for hunting Yogs and Cultists without having to add any plates and it will also do very well on lower level Shubs. For the bigger Yog bosses in the Yog waves, the plates which add Cut/Stab protection like Pulsar 8 (L) will be the most helpful.

Perseus (L) + Plates with Cold (Mark.4E or Pulsar 3): This set-up will definitely deflect all of the damage dealth by the level 24 Broodmother. For a full TT set of Perseus, you are looking at roughly 1.5k ped though, this could detract a few prospective buyers from it. For Yogs and Cultists, add Pulsar 3 plates, for Shubs, add a Pulsar 9, NEVERDIE or JOPLIN plate.

Ozpyn Beetle (L) + Plates with Impact/Cut/Stab (Mark.5B or Pulsar 8): The Ozpyn Beetle armor is the perfect set for hunting Yogs, it's protection against Impact, Cut, Stab and Acid is proportionate to the damage inflicted by Yogs and so the Ozpyn Beetle can just be used as-is without any plates. Just add Mark.5B or Pulsar 8 plates and the Yog Broodmother is a breeze! You can also use the Ozpyn Beetle for hunting Cultists and Shubs by simply adding Pulsar 5 plates to it! And with a markup of about 112%, the Ozpyn Beetle is much, much cheaper than the first 4 sets above!

Moonshine (L) + Plates with Acid (Mark.2E or Pulsar 4): This set-up will deflect all of the damage dealt by the Level 24 Broodmother.

Tiger (L) + Plates with Stab/Cut (Pulsar 8 or Mark.8A): Tiger (L) is one of my favorite mid-level armor sets. It's protection stats are a tiny bit better than Disco, but you'll still need Pulsar 8 (L) or similar plates to go up against the Level 24 Broodmother.

Disco (L) / Jaguar (L) + Plates with Stab/Cut (Pulsar 8 or Mark.8A): Jaguar and Disco have exactly the same protection statistics except that Disco has an added 5 points of protection for Electric, which makes no difference on Monria because there is no mob dealing Electric damage there. But Disco is an armor that I craft and sometimes sell in the Armor Shop. It is a good, cost-effective option. Disco may not deflect all of the damage dealt by the level 24 Broodmother but with the Pulsar 8 plates added, it will absorb the majority of it.

A.R.C. Patrol (L) or A.R.C. Inaugurates (L) + Plates with Imp/Cut/Stab (Mark.5B or Pulsar 8): This set is usually affordable and is a great option as well for hunting Yogs in the South Crater. Any armor plates with Impact/Cut/Stab protection will boost it's effectiveness. It's quite likely that you could fight the level 24 Broodmother with this set and Pulsar 8 plates and take little damage. The A.R.C Patrol can also be quite effective against Cultists.

Bear (L) or Boar (L) + Plates with Imp/Cut/Stab (Mark.5B or Pulsar 8): I have hunted a lot of Yogs with my Bear armor set so I know first hand what it can do. These are both very good mid-level armors, add some plates to them and hunting Yogs up to level 18 will be no problem.

Jarhead (L): This armor will need some Acid or Acid/Cold plates added as it doesn't have a lot of either. I would go for either Mark.6C, Mark.5D or Mark.4D.

Gremlin or Viceroy + Plates with Imp/Cut/Stab (recommend Pulsar 8): Might struggle against the level 24 Broodmother and need to heal, but should do fine against all other levels. If you own a set of Gremlin or Viceroy, then go for the Pulsar 8 plates because you will really benefit from the boost in Cut protection against Yogs.

Sema (L) & Lupus (L): Good for hunting lower level Yogs. Add Pulsar 8 plates to hunt higher level Yogs. Might work up to level 16s.

Pixie or Musca Adjusted: Good for hunting lower level Yogs. Add Pulsar 8 plates to hunt higher level Yogs. Might work up to level 16s.

Goblin: The Goblin armor will be ok for hunting the lower level Yogs, if you add Impact/Cut/Stab plates to it. With Pulsar 8 plates equipped, you should be able to hunt Yogs up to about level 11.

I hope you have found this write-up on Yogs, their damage and recommended protection, to be informative. I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching armors in order to be able to provide this much detail. I hope it is of some help to you.

Cheers and happy Yog hunting o/

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