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Born in 2015, I have left my birthplace for Toulan, within my third week in game.
I fell in love with the place, the creatures, the architecture, the lore, the details; called Toulan home, and made it so ever since.

While Toulan has been quiet for years; though now very active; I now see an opportunity to share my knowledge of the Planet, and guide those lucky enough to be born here; as i wish i was. I have lived on Toulan for a very long time, and i am confident that my knowledge can be of help.

My main profession ingame has been hunting and supplying hides. I have done so, since my earliest days, working to orders, in volumes, with fashion designers who transformed them into leather; then rare clothing. Learning from them, i then myself worked into designing outfits, but as i loved them all, I couldnt resign myself to sell them ( no a very good approach for a buisness! ); Then later worked as a public make-up artist.

Since Toulan offers this unique opportunity to recycle everything, into something anew, i have done a bit of mining, and crafting. Though more in an enthusiastic, than a professional way.

I have worked hard on Toulan for the past years, and achieved pretty much all my goals. Which leaves me with much more time to enjoy and explore freely. And since the management took great consideration of the well-being of the newborn players, which is something i profusely defended in the past years, I would like to be part of it, and help you reach your goals in this game.

As for qualifications, i have written quiete a few articles, tutorials, testings, nonsense stories, which are all available to the public, and im sure helped the community.
My Standings are /// Lv50+ Plasma rifle/pistol /// Lv50+ Swords /// Reaching Lv40+ Electric magic /// ~ Lv30 mining /// Lv15 Crafting.

Since i want to give all my attention to my future disciples, i will only take a limited number at a time. Thus upon application, i will require a quick chat. If successful, and if you accept me as your mentor, you will be given access to a private channel; in which you will be able to ask litterally anything, in private - but in real time, contact me, and set up meetings when required.

There will be no given time for you to complete your discipleship, though i will ask you to be active.

Weither you wish to play for free, or invest later, i am confident that i will be able to give you all the pointers to get you started on your journey. I will never tell you what to do, since we are all unique, but i could advice you about how to reach your goals, in the best, most clever way.

My timezone is Entropia time, UK.

I speak fluent english and french, basic spanish, and understand italian. Though English will be expected in game, in a general way.

I am usually available from 17.00 up to 23.00 game time on weekdays, and morning until late on weekends; on and off, because life comes first, but even when away, the game stays logged in, so you can contact me.

Know that upon completition of your discipleship, you will still be able to reach me out, would find yourself in need.

Welcome to Planet Toulan,
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Eleni Von Estlla

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Bric-à-brac: Useful informations - will be updated as time goes.

Current disciple slot available: X/2

Toni MyHaven Blixt - Toulan Born - Started discipleship 6/6/2022 INACTIVE
StarkPT Silva Madara - Monria Born - Starts discipleship 28/11/2021
Benedetto Esege Rollo - Toulan Born - Starts discipleship 26/03/2021 INACTIVE
Solar Eclipse Sage - Toulan Born - Starts discipleship 24/03/2021 INACTIVE

Mr Mistrallo First - Toulan Born - Starts discipleship 09/02/2021 INACTIVE

Julia PoLoKyS Czc - Toulan Born - started discipleship 07/02/2021

Sophia DrinkyJR Cunningham - Toulan Born - Starts Discipleship 21/02/2021
Howling Moon Wolf - Toulan Born - Starts discipleship 24/03/2021
ronny lost dna - Toulan Born - Starts discipleship 29/08/2021


  • Currently, the reward for completing discipleship, the Toulan Rifi Armor ME, is not awarded correctly. As posted HERE , you will only need to submit a support ticket, for Mindark to place it in your inventory. Not a Toulan related issue only, but universe-wise. Work in progress.

  • Tutorials available HERE , to help you find your marks, and have a support ready at hands, at all time.

  • Toulan Mining Map HERE , nicely done, to help you set up your mining runs. Made by Sherwood.
  • General Mining Guide / Tutorial HERE Made by Leeloo Mountain

  • New map 2021 Toulan Creatures location HERE . Has been slightly changed, but remains mostly true. Lost in maintenance.

  • Toulan Creatures damage type (To help you choose the right armor / plates) HERE .

  • Main Storyline Quests Guide HERE . Made by the VirtualSense Team.

  • Guide about Daily missions and the NawaCore HERE . Made by Bonnie.

  • Toulan Born - FREE Space Travel Registration HERE

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Eleni Von Estlla

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Offering a trading Service to my Disciples.

Valid at all time during discipleship, aswell as a last time purchase upon completition.
No profit made, and not for reselling.

Selling gear at TT raw value, for sweat, as for sweat = 2Ped/kilo (1000 units)
This way, more buying power for your sweat, than selling under 2Ped/kilo.
Since it seems it is also convenient for you disciples, i also offer to sell the following gear at TT price in PEDs.

One Armor set per disciple.
Two guns per disciple and per day.

Limited to stock available, im not hunting just for them.
This offer is reserved for non-depositor, as for null if you own a starter pack, since this offer will not benefit you.


Gear for trade:

Mawlood Starter Armor . Value TT = 3.1PED . Traded for 1500 Sweat.
Available set Male: RESTOCKING
Available set Female: RESTOCKING

Value TT = 0.09PED . Traded for 5 sweat.
1 available.

SHAYEB S10 . Lv0 Pistol
. Value TT = 3PED . Traded for 1500 sweat.
1 available.

Hojoom G2 . Lv1 Pistol
. Value TT = 4.40PED . Traded for 2200 sweat.
4 Available.

SHAYEB S20 . Lv2 Pistol
. Value TT = 6PED . Traded for 3000 sweat.
10+ Available.

Jamjoom Anhilation . Lv2 Rifle
. Value TT = 6PED . Traded for 3000 sweat.
10+ Available.

ISIS LBC 2 . Lv2 Rifle . Value TT = 19.5PED . Traded for 9500 sweat.
1 Available.
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Finished under her wings today.
As a mentor her knowledge of the game incredible, she's always up to date with anything in the game, made countless topic wich helps her disciple but evan the long time players can find something new in it, always up to help if you stuck somewhere (quest, on the space, etc.). She's like a mother whos teaching her babys how to walk and if it's necessary (wich was in my case) she will do it step by step.

5 out of 5
Mentor of the year

Whole-heartedly advise for everyone!

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