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Hello Future Disciple,

Born Project Entropian in 2007 I've had some time to play in both the old and new Entropia. After taking a long break, I came back in 2013 to see that project entropia was now Entropia Universe.

Playing as Free to Play for the first few years back into Entropia I found a lot of time to explore each planet and learn a little about their free to play options and beginner mission chains. I learned the game dynamics at a lower level of play I have since moved on to other areas of interest in game but know very well what it takes for a new player to avoid costly mistakes and how to sustain their gameplay.

I play in the Eastern Time Zone and am online pretty much daily in the evening, and most weekends for a few hours to provide mentoring assistance, I also provide mentoring services via my discord and in game channel.

After Traveling to each planet I landed on Toulan and haven't looked back. Exploring every day and learning / teaching along the way.

At the Time of this writing
I have Completed Toulan Citizenship/Achievement Stream for Coolness
I am working on my 6th consecutive month of streaming for Ascension

Currently with 25 Graduated Disciples

I have been mentoring for a long time and welcome new Disciples.

You can find me via Forum DM or while live on twitch.

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