Toulan's Arabic Translations: Lore

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Hi all,

So... This is BIG!
Through Little Star stream, i met SpeedTrap, an arabic Player, who came back thanks to Crowbar.

As soon as he mentioned this, i trapped him and litterally asked him all i had, for hours :D
He has been very kind and patient, so ill now share it all with you!
This is a 6 years old closure for me, so i am absolutely exited about it!

We will start with the NPCs.
It seems that a lot of NPCs have been named after.... THE SMURFS!

Hakim : Wiseman, also the name of Papa smurf
Rehana : Name of the female smurf
Salhoob / Azraq : Blue smurfs
Gadanfar (the jeef who wants the escapee dead in storyline) : Is the Evil vilain in the smurfs. And hes a JeefQ, a non believer / Hostile.

Marah : Happy
Rabeeah : April or Spring
Moftah : Key (Quwa NPC)
Harban : Scardy Cat
Bahar : Sailor

Others are more or less regular arabic names.


Tabtab : Plump (but not sure)
Sunjoq : Box (suspected carapace)
Qaffaz : Cricket / jumper
Dahhar : Chameleon
Mohkat : Snot (had mucus from the past)
Bahri : "From the sea" / Nautic
Thawr : Taurus
Duhol : Mezmerize (They were guards for merchants)
Caboria : Meal (litterally a seafood meal)
Wahesh : Monster (Ophsidian blades were meant to be called Wahesh)
Jeef : Undead
Qaher : Brute
Zajer : Tree (more like, habitants, guarding the route to Al-Nahar)
Khaffash : Bat

Karmoosh : Which runs fast (centipedes, etc)
Jallad : Skinner / Executioner
Abu Dabas : Abu = Father of... / Dabas is stapler (maybe due to the huge club)
Zaheem : The Boss (Jeef outcast boss)
Qalbain : Two hearts (Thawrs litterally described as having two hearts)

Aleef : Domesticated
Lateef : Cute


Toulan : is an ancient Arabic name meaning “extremely magical”
Nahar : Light (as for sunlight)
Qifar (desert) : Outcast/Non-believer (where Jeef Qaher live, indicates they are the hostiles to Nahar and Jeef Zajer (defenders)
Ahwaz (region suspect as mountainous, east coast) : Litterally the arabic QWERTY
Cuhof : Cave

Baydar : Home near bay (Temple Card)
Qaydar : Home near ... (couldnt get Qay, Burj Al-hamaw card)
Shamsdar : Home near the sun (Citadelle card)
***Home also meaning Prison, as for home where the Mages are locked!)
Burj Al-Hawa : Wind Tower
Weapons / Tools

Shayeb : Traditional
Salafa : Philosophy
Sahra : Desert
Hojoom : Attack
Jamjoom : Skullbasher
Asl : Origin
Damar : Destruction
Areeq : Ruby (precious looking rocketeer)
Athab (the wood tool, originally designed as a weapon) : Politeness
Mirah : Inheritance (rare, beautiful, expensive carbine)
Fanoos : Lantern (Genie lantern)
Elaj ( TT heal tool) : Medicine
Nabesh (scanner) : Messer up (looks magic/Evil/from space [Narian?]) Maybe a spy tool from the Narian, extraterrestrials.
Qandil : Candle (lazy translation)

Rifi : Farmer
Heran : Bird? (not comfirmed, but matches french wording)
Bedaya : Begginer
Jadid : New
Baraka : Blessing
Haris : Guardian


Liqa : Meeting (dressing suit for ladies)
Jadees : Long wrapping dress for men
Shamon (dress) : Melon (due to the non "C" being this colour)
Wooly hat motif writings : And they shall write your favors on water, and they shall write your faults in metal.


On walls
Entropia 2021-02-20 16.20.03.png

Litterally gibberish. Either on clothes or walls, i quote:
"Looks like someone typed ehfuasehflkkkkhg;dlskjf; and even left the "/".


Races / Storyline

Naria (europeanized Narians) : Fire (which stick to my theory of the Narian temple being an elemental prison of Fire for the mage)
Insians : Human with a twist (greed for Nawa)
Nawa : Source
Safian : Safia = Clear / Safian being the female word for it. So All the Safians are female.

Qumran ( the first Sultan) : Qamar being Moon (Safians born under his Reign)
Sinmar (Second Sultan) : No translation, but similar to Sinbad, in Alladin.

Quests (From SpeedTrap)

"I received a letter of Ithbat (Proof) from Jabaly (mountaineous), That i have to take to the Majlis (Court).
I have to give the letter of Ithbat to Wazeer (minister) Uthman.


Oh and stones are stones. Like Aqeeq is an emerald, Zircon, etc are generic, but i knew that already.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!!
A lot of revelations in there!!

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Awesome, so cool to have a native speaker in the fold, if you dont mind, what dialect does he speak, or where does he track his liniage ? i found that even small regional distances might affect the words and their meanings.
I agree! I been melting for this for the last 6 years :D
I didnt ask such a personal question, but he speaks natural arabic, and natural english.

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Okay, so.. Hally and SpeedTrap worked on the meaning of NAWA.

From their findings, they came to think it would translate to "Nucleus".


Nawa being an energy matter, was suspected to be an atomic energy, used both as domestic, and military purpose.
Used as energy, caused radiations after the apocalyptic war (Sign at Citadelle stating just that, as for no vehicules), Mohkat stated as irradiated, Nawa stated as manipulated by insians through engineering, Having a Nawa Reactor in the City, and recurrent statements of Nawa Reactor Labs in weapons descriptions, would make this valid.

Though, where i bugged when we discussed this with SpeedTrap is is the following statement, in the official storyline.
“The lifeforce of this planet, of the very air we breath, Nawa is in every living and barren thing you see. It was also, at that time, great energy the Narians could bend to their will, but the Insians could not - [...] Life was melodious, everyone content – until the Mages decided they wanted a more sinister Nawa to make its way onto the planet. [...] These warlocks cannot be destroyed, only chained to their prison – part of the reason behind the intense Nawa cultivation and training.
Which clearly indicates NAWA with magic properties too. Highly seeked by the Mages.
And since the Narians have been pushed back by the Insians, eventually, i am convinced the the Mages are the cause of the apocalyptic war on Toulan, 600 years ago, even comfirmed in the official storyline.

The Three Mages are ancient and respected viziers, and the origin of the insurrection that led to the Apocolyptic War.
Led to the war, yet, Mazir happened, and it is this Mages who actually made the balance tilt against the Insians.

Since there is a stong magic presence on Toulan, through all this above, and the ingame quests, i only think that there is more than just a silly energy matter to it.

To me, it made more sense from what my arabic friend told me, that Nawa meant the "center", but in a spiritual way, not a "left right center". Center from where everything starts, ends, and gravitates ; lives around.
Which also ties to the lore, as for the fact that it needs to be Balanced, by divine being such as the Safians.

So Radiations would be a consequence of mis-using of Nawa, and could of even been a consequence of last resort, to blow it all up, by the Safians, to restore the balance. Safians again, depraved of emotions.

An interesting take on Nawa :)



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News and updated in main post.

Quests (From SpeedTrap)

"I received a letter of Ithbat (Proof) from Jabaly (mountaineous), That i have to take to the Majlis (Court).
I have to give the letter of Ithbat to Wazeer (minister) Uthman.

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Some news!
Found another easter egg!

So, this one is about the card instances.
You have to say that formula, to enter:

khayT Hareer 3ala HayT khaleel.

Which translate into, A silken thread is on Khaleel’s wall.

Did not make much sense... Neither to me nor Speedtrap.
So i looked further, and i found it :D

tongue twister02.png

Its in fact, an arabic tongue twister!!

Meaning, even for an arabic, its hard to say. And the two other options to enter the cards instances, are litterally gibberish.
So, if you say it wrong, you cant enter!
I found it quite funny! :D

Even funnier, is that Khaleel is a name, but also translates to "soul".
And how far did they push it??

Entropia 2021-03-01 18.07.25.png

Lets put a soul magic thing on a wall, to enter :D

Thats all!

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