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Every planet has its history, its theme.
We know Toulan is arabic/sci-fi themed, but do you manage to understand what are you really doing here?
I want to gather everything we know by today about Toulan's history in here.

I digged a bit here and theres and here is what we know:

There is actually three races on Toulan:
-Narian = manipulate nawa Cosmic creatures with the capability of travelling between dimensions, Narians have the same need for personal gain as the Insians. Unlike their rival race, Narians are able to naturally use the planet’s Nawa, manipulating the energy to build awe-inspiring creations.

-Insians = fought to make toulan their This tribal race has no special abilities and mirrors human qualities, such as love, greed, vengeance, friendship, etc. Enslaved by the Narians (see below) shortly after the magical creatures’ arrival in Toulan, the Insians came together to battle and eventually overthrow the tyrant. Deception within their communities, though, lead to the breakdown of the Toulanian civilisation, turning the once powerful Insians into scattered tribes.

-Safians = half breed between Insians and Narians, perfect being, only a dozen of them
The planet’s celestial beings number no more than a dozen, and call Toulan’s moon Elara – where Insians start their journey – their home. They are emotionally detached, and take part in social and economical matters only when they are a threat to the natural balance of Toulan.

The Astrolab is a focus point of nawa magic, used to strengthen the Narians to become stronger and more numerous.

The Book of Law is a text that bind all the planet sovereigns together

The Nawa (Center in arabic) is a magical ressource and needs to be "balanced" (instable/out of control if not?) ~ Defined as "Lifeforce of the Planet"
Nawa: Toulan’s life energy and the fuel for its mystical force.

Burj al-Hawa (Wind Tower): One of the Nawa-infused dark towers to be found throughout Toulan, were one of the ancient Mages is still locked-up by the Safians

Bab al-Thalam: “The Door of Darkness”, which keeps the Narians out of Toulan an in another dimension.

The Ancient Map of Toulan:
toulan comic.jpg

I will try to quickly describe the history of Toulan in three different Ages:
-The Age of Qumran
-The Age of Sinmar


One's consulted the Oracle who explained him that the Book of Law would bring all Toulan's tribes together.

Aswell as the following...
Narians and Insians were fighting each other to control Nawa.
During this time, there were love and marriages which led to a new breed known as Safians, the perfect beings.
cCounted as a dozen only, they took their Safian Lotus and migrated on Toulan's Moon to make it their home, while the fighting would neverend.

Then came Sultan Qumran, who brought together the tribes with the help of the Three Mages, bound to him, but who would use their power for their own selfish purpose.
The Mages planned to weaken the Sultan and his Insians people to become supreme leaders.
As Qumran was getting weaker and bedridden, the Mages were growing stronger, and fighting, disease and chaos would rise again.The Mages then used the Astrolab to strengthen the Narians, to make them stronger and more numerous.

As Toulan was a phase to collapse, the Oracle count that she brought the Book of Law to Sultan Qumran.
They both cut their wrist and ran their blood on the paper of the book, to bring the Sultan and his people to the agreement; which instantly returned the balane of Nawa.

The laws that the Mages set were put right again.
Narians were sealed in a veil, far off Toulan, and the Sultan died before seeing the power held by the book.

The death of the Sultan brought the death of his Sutanate, bringing confusion amongst Insians.

The Book stayed with the Oracle in a Cave, waiting for a powerful leader to rise again, to rule the Planet.

source Toulan's Tale tome I


The Oracle says that generations passed since Qumran death.

Sinmar, descendant of Sultan Qumran was well aware of the power of the Book of law, and its secrets.
He was determined to bring Toulan back tou Qumran's Age of glory.
When the time has come, she passed the Book to Sinmar.
The Prince the became bound to the Book, his people, and the balance of Nawa.

The fight to track the Mages was about to start, in order to bring back the Narians, and to restore the Astrolab - Then restore Toulan's grandeur.

The group headed to Al-Nahar mountains, where people were gifted powerful healing power.
Prince Sinmar was healed by the Princess Dia Al-Nahar the most gifted healer - They fell in Love and married.

When Sinmar carried on seeking the Mages, Pricess Dia was at his side.

After a treacherous travel, the Mages were finally found.
Sinmar promised them to become his Viziers.
They quickly restored the Astrolab and called upon seven powerful Narian leaders, and summoned their spirit race to return.

After much talks Narians found a way to restore Nawa balance at a condition: to take the Narian Princess Badr Al-Duja as a wife.

Agreement made, Mages as Viziers, Narians at his side, Sinmar was crowned Sinmar Bani Al-Zaman.
He settled at Sabad City, and found himself father of two daughters:
-The Insian Nerouz
-The Safian Nara

Toulan became magnificent and prosperous again, and it would be a very longtime before a greedy Nawa war starts again.
Source Toulan's Tale Tome II

We know, as Farah said in the storytelling, that "Sinmar assassination led to the nawa war", to quote.
So we Know Sinmar is dead, AND has been assassinated ~ Offensive Act.

We also know by Beladcom that our journey on Toulan takes place, i quote again:
"600 years after an apocalyptic war, Toulan is a vast world of impossible dangers and wondrous beauty, rife with history, legend and opportunity. As part of the new batch of mortal Insians colonising the planet, you are here to rebuild the nation to its past magnificence."

So 600 years ago started an apocalyptic war.
We now are in Toulan's wasteland with al lthe damages and deseases the war has brought.

So we avatars are clearly Insians on Toulan.
All the human-like personas on Toulan would be Insians.



Bahri is a vicious hunter. Known to be highly intelligent, with multiple brains that focus collectively on his prey. To be avoided at all costs.

Bahri means "Nautic"
It looks like a humanoide crab, but it took me over 6 months and the end of the Quwa challenge satge IV to notice the human head in pain on their shoulder.
It clearly seem to be a mutated human. Its neon colour at its feet shows that the infection is possibly contracted by walking in an infected area.
Its long tongue attack does an electric sound, just like caboria, which presume a clear mix between a marine creature and a human.
They are extremly aggressive (irradiated ancient warriors?)


An Insian-at heart with gelatinous body; the clear, amniotic aspect of his skin allows him to retain Nawa energy longer, which is how he survives the region's harsh environments. The Mokhat can be dangerous when it feels threatened, and emits Nawa glows from its viscus.

Mohkay means mucus. We can see on the release artwork that they were meant to be called "jelly men" according the the Jelly zone, their home.
Jelly zone being a clear infected area with its own natural floral system, weird plants, flying auras and more.
I could guess that this creatures are an extremly strongly exposed human, irradiated at a point that its flesh turned all jelly and its body just absorbed and retianed the infection, just like a sponge.
they seem to only survive in jelly zone, as they have never been spotted anywhere else.
They are not aggressive at all, i would then presume them as Citizen of a destroyed village/city.


A ruthless Jeef who will attack anyone stepping in his way.

Jeefs: Nawa-mutated Insians, whose level of mutation varies from minimal to sever, with some being only physically disfigured and others turned into horrific creatures.

Jeef means "undead" , if i recall well when i studied Toulan with the help of by loooong time gamer life arabic dear friend, following me on my stream and answering all my language related questions.

But Qaher and Zajer i really dont know, maybe a Cast or two different tribes of Insians?

They are clearly "zombies", fighter as wearing regular Toulan armor/swords.
They are extremly aggressive, in groups, but show no trace of infection.

Maybe reanimated by a certain magic?

They remain pretty mysterious to me.
Maybe an unrevealed secret amongst Toulan would tell us more later about them.

I will though note that they seem to bad bad intentions toward us, Insians, as they tried an attack toward Al-Nahar City in our current storyline.
So either their summoner or their persona is ill meant.
Though there is some Jeef NPCs like technician, guards at Guardian village or storyline NPC that seems pretty friendly, even though i recall the storyline one seemed to have something in his head and liying to us reguarding his intentions.
I digged futher and found this quote from Toulan stories:
The Safians came up with a technology that allowed them to bring to life individual Insians, incorporating into each person a Nawa core to allow for the cultivation and manipulation of the energy.
We loot Nawa Core parts on both Jeefs.
Jeefs are in massive groups (armies) and Zajers are near Al-Nahar (City Defender?)
So this would explain that the Jeefs are dead Insians warriors revived from death throught the Nawa core and been granted a Nawa core to be able to match the Narians and manipulate Nawa just like them.
This clearly could have led to a race to Nawa again and explain a war to claim Nawa.

In the end, Jeefs Qaher, Jeefs Zajer, Mohkats, Duhols, Thawrs and friendly Jeefs on Toulan are only mutated Insians. Their degree of mutation only varied and led them to a propper degree of sanity. Some satyed friendly and kept their head, some went totally hollow, some completly evolved in a totally different breed.

Also Haris armor description explain Haris means "guardian, which is the armor commonly worn by the Jeefs protecting the Guardian Village.


Bat-like predator whose love of mischief and high-pitched cry have made him one of the traveler's most detested creatures. With no sense of sight, he uses Nawa glow for sense of orientation.

Clearly demons.
I ignore if they were once part of Toulan animals, but they totally have the look of the Evilness.
Maybe a creature summoned by magic to fight, but now wandering as their summoner is gone?
They do attacks that sounds like electric aswell, but i there is clearly no electric damage inflicted in-game by them.
I stay unclear about them aswell.


EDIT=Found out in the Quote from the scanning ~
Heavy and agressive, this troll-like Jeef boasts destructive power but childish brains. Inhabiter of snow caves and collector of bones, he is often hired as a guard to protect merchants' goods, and uses his massive weight in his attacks.
So Duhol is definitly a primitive Jeef, so an undead, but no nawa core looted off them, also no Zombie face. Weird.

Caboria (shell i think)
Small, friendly creature that uses its Nawa energy to swim in pulse motion.

Thawr (Taurus)
A bull-like beast, a hybrid Jeef born of Insian and animal blood after the Great War. His heavy attacks easily demolish strong foes, and his Nawa-energy can be seen in the glowing light in his chest, near his two hearts
So Thawrs are mutated jeef, possibly Insians that didnt inheritate the Nawa Core.

Tabtab (plump)
Fluffy TabTab likes to have fun and play around, uses its sharp teeth to defend itself.

A desert reptile that can absorb Nawa through its skin, can easily adapt to different environments.

An aggressive reptilian predator, who made his way up to Nahar hundreds of years ago to survive the famine-swept Qifar desert of the time. He surprises his prey with lightning-fast leap attacks.

This friendly reptile, also called the Moving Rock, easily blends in with its surrounding. Despite its slow pace, it is often used as a mount by Jeef bandits, who rely on the creature's faithfulness and love of exotic fruits.

This rare, immense lake monster is a creature of legends. Many villagers and travellers believe him to be a myth, and those who set out to find him quickly find themselves on a dangerous journey. Known to be directly linked to Nawa sources beneath Al Hawa Lake. The Wahesh emits Nawa energy in sparks, making him highly sought-after by the Nawa-obsessed.


Toulan's map as the Oracle show us and as we know it today is totally different...
the only way i found to preserve the climat of the continents and its climat is by flipping it over.
UPDATED in post #2
toulan comic speculations.jpg

I know it looks different BUT remember there is the Mage tower in the middle of the water.
Mutation seems to concern mostly Nautic creatures, so something during the war since Sinmar assassination has clearly happened.

This way we can preserve the snow, the desert, the forest as we know them today.
Also it cannot be flipped the horizontal way to get the north to south as there is no mountain at the sounth of the map, and if we flip both way we get the desert on the east side.

Sabad City is inexistent by today, all we know is the Sabad finders, used to mine.
Maybe Al-Nahar inhabitants who could escape joined Sabad City and overtime Sabad City name has been forgotten?

Astrolab, im split on this one.
AL-Nahar City is full of Nawa devices, but the Astrolab couldnt be operated without the Mages.
Is is the device in Al-Nahar, and the City has been built on it to protect it?
Or is it this massive device at the Nawa temple?
Im split.

CUHOF Cave. The Oracle says she kept the Book of Law in the Cave until then.
Would will be this cave?
Walls are posh inside CUHOF instances, covered in Arabesque textures and there is treasures inside.
It not just wild caves.
Thought Sinmar has been ASSASSINATED, so someone could have stole the Book of Law and drive the madness on Toulan as we know it Today. Making this Oracle nor anyone we know in possession of the Book.

The signs in the landing area of Toulan inform us of no-vehicule allowed dur to strong Nawa irradiations.
It is clear Nawa has been out of control, or used as a mass destruction power.
Overtime all humanoides and creatures got their share of radiations, and turned as we know them today.
I will add that an intentional palette colour seems to follow a degree of infection as the mobs grow in maturity.
From a red/orange/original colour they then grown in blue, green, purple and then black.

EDIT= I would note that Jeefs and Duhols (and ourselves) shows NO sign of infection at all.
Higher maturities in both sides show no difference, so no degree of infection.
IF Jeefs are Insians granted with a Nawa core, this would make sense that Jeefs can now manipulate Nawa, so no infection due to exposure.

I will add that our Avatar could be mean to start on Toulan, so i suppose we are granted with a Nawa core too.

Magic is clearly involved on Toulan due to the three Mages, and now the witch in storyline asking us to find the firestones.
To be followed.

We stil have and craft nawa operated devices presumed to be conceived by the Narians in the past.
Also there is two different healing tools, the fanoos, nawa operated, and the other (i forgot the name) which seems to be clearly source of magic.
EDIT= We can Craft items using Nawa - So i would deeply suppose that we HAVE been granted a Nawa Core.

Conclusion is, we are here to bring Toulan back to its magnificence.
We are on a irradiated planet, facing mutated creatures, we are depleted of any trace of society.
We are on our own, we need to do everything ourselves and WORK TOGETHER.
There is no estates because there is no peace, yet.

We still havent clearly seen any trace of Narian nor Safians ourselves, and we ignore all about the Book of Law.
We are asked to find sacred artifacts that seems to matter for some people on Toulan, and a group of Jeefs is determined to be against us, Insians.

The Mage Tower is still locked, and we know nothing about.... Yet...

Thanks for reading, ill try to update this post as we get more informations in-game..

Hope you enjoyed the summuary of Toulans History,
With love,

I gave a think about,
This tablet with the 13 names we have to retrieve must have to do with the Safians
They are a "dozen" to quote the storytelling, + Nara, daughter of Sinmar.

Iwish i could repeat the storyline now i know a bit more about the events...

And i dont know how to get rid of this picure :confused:


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Even though the old map to current map could look like this way.

Toulan even.jpg
Having the Cuhof instances on Sabad Continent, Home of the old Capital of Toulan could explain the richess of the CUHOF caves = Arabesque decorations, Chests Etc...

The keypoints on the Old map also match the current TPs
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