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Alright, now you know what is a PEDleaking gun, and what is a gun that fits you well, lets have a look to the attachments...

Theres hundreds of attacments, for pretty much everything...
Scopes, enhancers, sight, armor plates, amplifliers, and so on..

Here we will only talk about the weapons, and i will NOT do any maths for you:
-First because im in extremly bad terms with numbers
-Second because it will bring more arguments than positive waves

Once again i will not tell you what to do, but how to do, how to think your own way.

Lets see the magic picture...

Here is an Energy amp, fitting a Laser or a Plasma weapon.
Its a pretty good amp, why?

Theres 3 BIG parameter to watch on an Amp:
-Its TT value = direct cost
-Its damage = direct efficiency
-Its durability = Ratio cost for its efficiency

In other word,
Lets say you have an amp at 125PED TT, 18 damage, "Below arverage" durability, it will be a very costy Amp.
If you have one 40PED TT, 13 damage, "good" durability, its a good amp.

Have a quick look at those parameters, and you should make your way to a nice amp.

-The serie E-11 / E-12 / E-13 / E-14 / E-15, have a look at them on AH... Pretty high TT, average damage, regular to low durability, and
their MU is extremly low (TT+1 LOL) , as for the Lv.100 guns, its no low MU for nothing... They are bad and PED wasting amps.

-Look at the Omegaton Series, A104, A105, .... Average TT, average damage, Good durability, they are definitly PED savers; their MU will be over hundred PEDs.
Now, what is an amp useful for???

FIRST it can save you PEDs, in other words, make you work ECO. I know you love this word, ECO , ECO , ECO
Lets see another magic picture...

This is a tool from Entropedia, heres the same weapon coupled with different amps.
Omegaton serie, they likely good amps, but we just need a picture to see.

RED arrow, By adding an amp, you of course increase your general decay, because the amp has its TT value.

PURPLE arrow, you also slightly increase your ammo consumption as the amp will consume the ammos displayed on its card.

GREEN arrow, this is what you want as a proof that you will be more ECO ECO ECO.
Damage / PEC is the number of damage you inflict per each PEC (Project Entropia Cents) of ammo shot.
And now you see HOW INTERSTING all of this become...
Because even buying an Amp, even using more ammos, even increasing your decay.... YOU SAVE PEDs.

Gun naked = 2.803 DMG/PEC
Gun + Omegaton A204 = 2.922 DMG/PEC

Now you think... Its nothing, hudred PEDs for 0.119 at best.

Once again im not telling you what to do but how to do, but this is a fact, you save PEDs by amping correctly, if you aim to be ECO of course.
Now i told you in the previous post, theres two ways to hunt: ECO or DPS (even a 3rd if you count the "i dont care" way)

DPS Damage Per Second.
This means you open the PED valves to kill fast.
So you stop looking at your PED card, and want some meanie damage instead.

Ill use the same picture which isnt relevant, as the Omegaton serie is oriented ECO, but its to explain the princple.

Now... DPS is a science, you will need to size your gun, considering its damage multiplied by its firerate, in the big lines.
Same as Above, but now you want to look at the BLUE arrow.

Once again this table isnt relevant as its filled with omegaton series only, but have a look at Hootfoot (L) series for example, and you will see the TT value and Damage REALLY increased.

Pretty straight forward, bigger amp, more damage.
Last point is... How to choose the right amp for your weapon...
TWO points:

-Weapons's MINIMUM DAMAGE that YOU do (on Lv.100 gun youll ridicusly lose efficiency on attachments)

Here we have a weapon using WEAPONS CELLS, and YOUR minimum damage with it is 30.
So an Ampplifier up to 30 damage will fit the weapon.
1, 6 , 13, 16, 24, any damage up to 30 points will be accepted by the weapon.
If you fit a 45 damage Amp on it, it will only use 30 point out of the Amp, youll get a warning in System chat, and you will waste PED again using this configuration.

Scopes, Sights


This is Pretty easy, scopes and sight are skills multipliers.
Basiclly you pay to skill faster with your gun.
The Multiplier is shown as "Skill MOD %" on the card, the higher number, the better efficiency.

A scope can also be used to Zoom, why it has a Magnification stat on the card. Sounds silly but i have seen many newcomers using a scope for weeks and finding out they could zoom by watching my stream...
To zoom, use the mouse roll forward after the first person view.

A Laser sight can be fitted on a scope, fitted itself on the gun, and a second sight on the gun, directly.

Myself, i NEVER hunt withought my 2 sights and scope.

I use this Jzar up above, and 2 Bulleye 8, i THINK my total skill modification is around 60%.

Enhancers, theres many different types of this.
Damage, accuracy, economy, and so on.

I never use enhancers myself, because i consider myself on training still, and i never go on a hunt "for the loot".

Just to fly quickly the subject, Enhacers can be placed in Tier slots.
(L) gear will open them slots automaticlly, UL guns need to be tiered up manually, at a cost of mats.

Im not sure about the % bonus of an enhancer, so Advanced players could answer this beteer than me.
An enhancer has a random durability. It can instantly break, or break very late.

I can tell you that a DAMAGE enhancer will also decrease your weapon durability, increasing the weapon's DECAY cost - Keep an eye on the card when you attach something as its effect will always show highlit orange....Damage enhancer will afffect durability.

Its an extremly expensive attachment, and i dont recomment them until you feel like you are a comfirmed hunter, and your next run is worth enhancing.

Last point as the picture is good to show us, the TIER RATE

Tier rate will determine the speed at which a gear will tier up.
The higher number, the faster it will go.
Still, from tier 1 to 2, or from 7 to 8, you guess that it will be way way way slower.
But still, this number is essential. TO me, its a vital factor in buying gear.

Thats all...
If you feel like im this bad at explaining, or have any question, or have any constructive input to share, please speak up.

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