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Well Well...

Now your turning into a machine, we can look into the second degree weapons, because i know youve been drooling looking at them already, am i right? :laugh

Explosives... First question fresh people ask.... Is it eco?


Explosives are SUPPORT weapons, they wear well their name.
First of all, they are one of the rare AoE damage (Area of Effect) meaning that, its damage is spread between ALL the targets caught in the radius.

200 damage on 10 mobs, 20 damage per mobs, at the minimum of 1 damage.

If your max damage is 10, and you are dealing with 15 mobs, 5 of them wont be hit, but will hit you and damage your HP and your armor.

:locoThose weapons needs skills, real human personal skills, to be used efficiently.
Act badly and youll take ages to take down a group if you sized your estimations wrong - hit too much mobs, pay cash on armor decay and heals by staying too much time exposed.

:locoOther very bad side, Ammos can now be crafted only.
So even will all the crazy EPs crafter you see HoFing all along the day, it can be difficult to find a good amount of explosives to prepare a run, and paying MU on ammos just makes me sick.
At its best, i pay MAX 102% for explosives, if i cant find i just drop the idea and come back later.

:locoLast Extreme bad points with support weapons, is the decay.
Youll be disgusted to pay 250 PED TT on a launcher to fire 1000 times only, and thats without the MU that goes between 150% to 300% on the "best" Limited launchers.
But Once again, its all to do with the DMG/PEC, and once again you fall in the lines.

:rolleyes:Now.... Theres a good side, of course... its damage.......
A weapon that requires a very low level to inflict 400+ damage just makes dreaming.....
And as its AoE damage, it means your allowed to spray and pray - To do not be good at aiming at all.

Magic picture?

RED is the damage inflicted per grenade

BLUE is the amount of ammo used

Theres bits for everybody, i trained myself with this NGL-1, even tho its really not ECO compared to a conventional gun, Training explosive is vital in my goals.

Those are Grenade launchers.
Difference between Grenade and rockets, Grenade are timed, and explosion is delayed.
Grenade launchers are lobbers, which means it gives you fantastic options regardless the shape of the ground.
Once your Human skills are sharp, you dont even look at the game anymore, me on a training hunt, i look at the radar only, and adjust the high of my launcher to lobb and reach the red dots i want on the radar.

Rochets are intant Boomers, straight aim line, and requires a plain area or shot from elevate grounds to be efficient.
Jumping helps a lot, im a real bunny when skilling rockets.
Skildek Lanchead L is perfect to train.

Flamethrowers are support wepons too. Just like some pyro mindforces, they inflict damage+overtime damage, meaning that you stop shooting but still damage the target.
They are a mix between BLP and Support weaponry, its a very oddball, and decays very fast.

NOTE*** Not Amplifier nor scope nor sight can be fitter on support weapons.

Last point i want to highlight, by shooting any of this support weapon in the air, ammos + decays will be used, so if you get hyper in a city, watch your ammos.. It uses PEDs as fireworks too :p

Last point, the decay, on a magic picture.

Here's a high end example.
348 Damage
47 Levels to max the damage/accuracy (explosives are affected by EVADES/MISS too)
241 PED TT without MU
6800 AMMO used per shot (0.68PED TT of EPs)
1458 uses.

This means off 241 PED with a high MU (from 150% to 300%) youll shoot 1458 times only - INSANE -

Explosives are NOT meant for sustained hunts.
Its more likely a high end recourse, when a good last shot is needed.

This was to enlighten aspiring Grenadiers, because this early Skildek from calypso, looted on punies brings the questions so very often...

I do am a grenadier, still training, but trained, and i really love it.
Its a good profession, its fun, and can give you really creative options.

Have Fun, and definitly give it a go :eleni:

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You have such a way with words Ms E, and I cling to every one of them because I never know when the next profound tidbit will come along out of nowhere --> "It uses PEDs as fireworks too" <-- I'm such a fan.

Again, thanks for your effort, this is great stuff. :thumbsup


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Good post Eleni Von Estlla

I skill with my Skildek Lanchead L on the wolves in Hunt the Thing, because they attack fast for low damage and that makes them great for skilling evade. They also have extremely low hit points, so you can take out mobs of them even with the Skildek Lanchead L.
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