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I think that be my last contribution in this tutorials.

Theres is tons of things to say about melee, and theres loads of wrong pre-made ideas about it too.

First, we can argue about this, but melee is NOT more expensive than using a gun.

EVERYTHING is, as decribed in the PART II tread, in the DMG/PEC.
DMG/PEC is the ECO statistic, and its a fact. So you can argue about, melee is just like guns.

Melee weapons can be scary though, i agree.
Its High TT, it has low amount of uses, so you think you better go with guns? Wrong.

The only difference is that, i agree, melee will require a tiny bigger PED poll, and even, not this relevant.
The high TT is required on melee, by the fact that it doesnt uses ammos.
So to last even just 400 uses, youll need a decent PED TT, just like a ECO gun be low TT but shoots PEDs.

Lets see... the magic picture.

Appreciate how dodgy are my computer skills even on paint...

Here two wepons of the same rank, one praised as the MOST ECO rifle in game ever,the SI HK110, the other the famous SI PSI SWORD, given as a good swords to start.

People are scared by melee, but if they knew...

HK-110 67 ammo use for 3.85 MAX TT at 1099 uses, this is the gun every newcomer wants due to its SUPER ECO stats.

I picked it for a reason... let carry on

PSI SWORD given as a "cool sword",15 PED TT for 758 uses so more expensive to repair, and its melee so infamous...

Lets look closer at the DMG/PEC..

HK-110 = 2.861 Damage/PEC consumed - this is all in = Decay + ammos
PSI SWORD = 2.891 DMG/PEC consumed - all in = Decay ONLY

Did i make my point?
Here the "most ECO gun in game" is beaten by its melee homologue, Eco wise.

The fact is that sword is half uses, but double damage.
So in the balance, the DMG/PEC goes in the melee favor, in this case.

Other benefits of melee is that theres many many skills feeding HP, Strenght attributes, that directly affects your avatar --> see Part IV.

Now, i agree, higher end Swords can be scary, 900 PED TT, 2800 PED TT to repair??

Think again, what is someone doing when depoing for 1000PED ammos? + the gun decay?
My guns runs can cost me over 2000PED for a long day hunt, and thats still ridiculous compaires to pro hunters, some shoot this in an hour.

Same story as above, you have a high TT on melee because you DONT use ammos..
Your sword deals more damge? You need to feed that damage, and its done throught a higher TT.

As described in PART II, think.
Amp, think amp, and use an amp if its worth it, its a PED saver on long runs, and Melee I amplifier are cheap.
Tho i agree a begginer would badly suffer of a bad amped run, dont go suicide, play in your yard.
You only know your budget, and your goals, but an amp is a PED saver if you can take a bad run, economicly talking.

You can also enhance, just as described in Part II.

Now profession wise, for either Swords, knives, clubs, whips, you have HIT and DMG professions.
Accord it as for guns.

Swords are slower than knives but hit harder, Knives faster but lighter, Clubs... are the odd ball, its more to do with the damage type, which only matter in PvP, so i wont develop, and whips are more tied for taming than fighting.

Did i cover everything? i think.. At least for you to get started..
Go for TT sword if you cant get a cheap UL one.
Insted of SI sword, that people bitch out the MU up to TT+80, go get a Falx, or a Labrys, brows AH, but as for gun, dont get a Lv.100 sword......

I would like to Add that starter misions on Calypso will reward you the Bukin's Blade, a non tradable Unlimited Knife.

Hope you enjoyed all this tutorials...
If i helped you, then ill feel like i win.

Be safe,
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Another advantage to using melee is you gain ammo from loot while not using any. I use both melee and guns, and have only bought ammo a couple of times in 2 years, mainly for competing in events.


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Sadly Bukin’s Blade is not available anymore; I got the rifle instead.

However the [Falcata] is an unlimited sword given for an early mission in Ancient Greece.

Efficiency 56.5%

Swordman hit and dmg recommended level 2.4

Attacks per min 56

Penetration 2.0

Impact 2.0

Cut 3.0

Stab 2.0

Damage 5.0-10

Not bad for an UL sword

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I used the tt sword till I could use the Falcata. I have 2 of them. I am getting a psi-sword today. I have a psy-blade on load atm. :) I buy boxes so I get a lot of universal ammo. I have the Barbarella which I use with the ammo. Selling the shrapnel provides repair cost for me. I want to mostly focus on melee.
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