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Now you know what is a decent gun, and how to optimise it,

Then its time to pick a profession and dress your planning...

What gun? Laser or BLP? How do i choose? How do i know which gun i need?

You will know in a few minutes... I hope.:eleni:

BLP or LASER? Plasma?

Ill bring some haters saying this, but it dont matter at all.....
By now Laser, BLP are exactly the same.

Like pew pew? go Laser..
Like rattatta? go BLP..
The most important thing is... Stick at what you choose, to do not spread your skills and waste precious skills.

Plasma? Avoid for now, because if you read this, you area begginer, and you dont want plasma.
Plasma is expensive, it is VERY slow firing from the begging, guns are rare, as not much crafted, so expensive; and to finish, you will have massive gaps in your skilling tree, slowering you down.
I know it because this is the path i choosen.

What really matter is.. Pistoleer or Sniper.

Some people, experienced, tend to say "Rifle rises HIT / Pistols rises DMG" - Its absolutly wrong.
There is in fact:
-one profession Sniper HIT
-one profession pistoler HIT
-one common profession XXX DMG - XXX being Laser BLP Plasma Explosives Cryogenic or anything.

All the 3 will compose your WHOLE profession in XXX

NOTE Gauss profession do not have Pistoler Profession.

Sniper will use Rifles, better range, but slow
Pistoler fire faster but exposes you more to the mobs.

You can and sure will alternate Pistols and rifles, and thats ok, but avoid swaping BLP Laser or Plasma.

Each profession will have some proper skills aka BLP technology for BLP professions, and general combat skills like anatomy, aim, and even hidden skills like ranged damage assessment, coolness, unlocked after a certain level.

I took out of Entropedia the BLP profession Tables for you, look carefully, its easy to understand..
1.Sniper / 2.Pistoler / 3. Damage

Pistol HIT.JPG


Easy, each skill affecting this profession, their effect in each professions, hidden or not, and the HP gain per amount of skillpoints gained in each skill.

Luckycharm recommended THIS webiste to play with professions/skills, ill work it out soon. thanks a lot Luckycharm :p

Now how to pick your gun?
I suggest you dress up yourself a grinding tree.

Spend a bit of time on entroedia and browse the guns according the profession you will to do.


Once again easy, Website highlit
-Pick a type
-Choose recommended level in the field
-Choose =
-Choose the level you will the weapons SIB to start

Here i tabbed the "rifles" as if we were after BLP Sniper profession.

Picking a gun here what you want....

This gun is a rifle, by definition BLP, so BLP Sniper and BLP Damage will be the fit professions.
We will max this gun at Lv.5 - Level at which we lose the SIB in either BLP sniper profession or BLP damage profession.

EDIT 2021>
Try to stay maxed on your weapon at all time.
So, as a nea player, you will be unamxed on your first weapon, until you reach Lv5.
From level 5, it be wise to stay on a maxed weapon until you reach level 10.

From level 10, you know you will be maxed on a lv5 weapon, and then can start looking into upgrading your weapons.


Here we go...
From Lv.5 to Lv.10
Once at Lv.10... I want another...

YAY :ecstatic: Recomended Lv.10, Entropedia do not know everything, but we can suspect a 5 Lvls SIB - In this case keep an eye when you lose SIB, NOT ANYMORE will replace YES.
You will also create a Gap between HIT and Damage, forcing you to stay on a YES SIB for damage but NOT ANYMORE on HIT..
Get rid of the YES on damage first before considering upgrading your gun.
Keep your HIT and DMG levels as close as possible.

Then you go on and on and on..... Do your little life, now you know..

**NOTE** that if you keep using the Lv.0 to 5 gun all and all again, even if you lost the SIB, you will be maxed.
Keep at it, stat on your budjet and level.
Even myself i love to come back on punies to do missions or hunt hides, and then i used guns on which i lost SIB, and skill still.
This will work for pretty much every professions... Think, study, do your homeworks and pick the right thing...
No one taught me this, and i lost tons of PEDs picking wrong guns...

Last note, You will notice youll gain, lets say, explosives level even tho you never touched any EP weapons.
This is due to general skills aka anatomy and such.
Those skills are common in many professions, so by firing a BLP gun, you mite gain a level in paramedic.

Once again doing your homeworks on entropedia will teach you this :hi

Have fun,
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Aww thank you thank you for your kind words everyone :hi
Hope new starters can understand aswell, as its pretty easy for us who are already in the bath.
I will introduce Passive skills, melee and Explosives. Ill leave mindforces tho as i am not experienced enough in this to speak up.

Have fun:eleni:

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Very, very informative!! :thumbsup Now I know what you're doing when I think you're ignoring me in chat lol. :confused: And as always...you impress me!! :ninja::havingamoment:eleni:
Hee Hee theres always some homework to do :p
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I had to come back again to say that I'm just very impressed with what you're doing with the guides and tutorials E. I'm really excited to have this information available at the forum, which is why I pulled this section out of the Beginners Corner and gave it a prominent place where it's easily seen.

I think this information is more than just for newbies, because I've heard enough comments within the community that some never learned these things properly. Maybe they didn't have mentors, or if they did, they didn't take the time.

Thanks again for doing this E, it's really appreciated, and it's very helpful for me because now I'm rethinking the direction I'm heading and considering real goals.


Eleni Von Estlla

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awww Thank you loads DM, everyone...
Im so very glad it looks useful, and strongly hope newcomers will understand and learn the basics this way...
True that a bad mentoring leaves a disciple clueless in the nature, it was my case. Thanksfully i met fancy peoples who taught me, and made my own researches from their teachings..

Once again any additional inputs are welcome and can be addd to the OP..
This is just a quick base, as a support, lets say to give a start at this section.

-E- :hi
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