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Hey guys..

Fading off a bit away from the weapon itself, now you know how to pick and reflect on your weapon, I think its time to reflect on your avatar itself...

Its not all about "best weapon" , "best armor" , "best whatever" ... In other words, if you suck, you suck..

And there is so many people mistaken thinking they can go to an oil rig in PvP with a Marber rifle and rule the world (which is a Lv.100 leaking gun as described in Part I) and soiling their own name too early.
There is so many people wondering how this person can run so fast and you cant follow.
And in my case, i had my own "WTH" moment using my best rifle (in past) trying to shoot someone in PvP that wasnt wearing any armor (done on purpose) and i couldnt manage do damage him...
But the other way around, a low level player that thinks wisely can take down a way advanced player and say "surprise!". Think.

All of this is related to PASSIVE skills, that in my book are as important as ACTIVE skills.

We will call ACTIVE skill a skilll that physiclly give, unlock something.
BLP technology, aim, evade, cryogenics, ranged damage, all of this are the big deal in Combat/Defense allowing you to directlyy unlock access to better guns, to LEVEL UP.

We will call PASSIVE a skill that affact your avatar, without real notice.
Health, Agility, Strenght, Stamina are Body related, it builds your avatar's body, whithout any direct "LEVEL UP".
You cannot be Lv.15 Health, nor agility, nor strenght,.... Those are ATTRIBUTES, not SKILLS.
You will HAVE 120HP, 52 strenght, 34 agility,.... its points, not levels.

How do you gain those points? By playing naturally.
But theres way to Force the thing, because as i am the one talking, i love to level fast and reach my goals fast.


In my opinion this is the most important PASSIVE skill...
HP is a free armor, makes you last longer in PvE, has a decisive role in PvP, and allow you to hunt bigger as you can take more damage.

Now to gain HPs, you can do pretty much anything... Hunting gives HPs, Mining gives HPs, Piloting gives HPs, Picking flowers and eating a MaxDonald gives HPs..

Lets see...the magic picture.


Look at this!!
You thought i was intelligent, but in fact im sawing off the branch im sitting on.. Indeed i know nothing, i just read..
Once again this is a document Source Entropedia.info

How to read?

Look up at Agility.

Agility, HP increase at 40 points, not hidden so no requirement.
This means, gain 40 points in Agility = gain 1 HP. = Gaining Attiributes gives HPs.

Look up at Surveying.
Surveying, gain 1600 skillpoints, gain 1 HP. = Mining gives HPs.

Now how to boost HP gains?

Easy, the less skillpoints you need to gain 1 HP, the faster youll gain them.
Some skills want 1600 points to give a HP, some 533, some 300 even.
To go fast, we want to rise skills needing low skillpoints to rise a HP!!

What need low points to gain 1 HP?
Mellee damage, Athletics, commando, courage,...

Some are Hidden, some not.
When people tells you "melee rises HPs", its wrong, but wise.
Its just the good way to do it.

Piloting a spaceship = HP increse too. But its not just driving the ship, its taking damage with it.
Pirates, mobs, whatsever hits you in space will rise Pilot skills, and the HPs.

With this table you be able to work out whats best for you.

Strenght.. is your strenght.

This is Melee related, but its most interesting effect is that it increases CARRYING WEIGHT.

Do i need to explian this document?
I will do it anyway.

This graphic show that from Newbie to 10 point of strenght, youll greatly gain carrying weight - kilos you can carry.
From 10 to 20 it slows a bit, from 20 to 80 slows again.

BUT Strenght will also contribute to rise your melee skills a bit aka the % in this Profession table.
AGILITY makes you run faster
PSYCHE affects Minforces, also gain by sweating
CONCENTRATION will make you resist when loading a TP chip while being attacked - Keep pulling sweat off the mob when attacked

Theres as many effect that will turn your avatr in a machine, without bulking in any PROFESSION LEVEL.

I just wont list them all or id just rather copy Entropedia here, it would save me time.
And this is a begginer guide, not the theory that wil change the world..

I gave you the hints, now up to you to work your avatar out to suit your needs, your goals.

Be safe, :hi
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You had me with --> "Picking flowers and eating a MaxDonald gives HPs" <-- I stopped reading and did a quick drive-by at my local MaxDonalds for some breakfast. :D

You are a gem E, and I can't tell you how much your effort with all of this information is appreciated. It's really giving me a lot to think about and what direction I want to go because I've been all over the map, as you well know from our many Q chats and my indecisiveness about what would work best for me.

I am really taking to mind what you are sharing, and I am giving great thought to what I want to be when I grow up and how to get there from here. Not only what you are sharing, but how you are sharing it inspires me, so thank you very much.

Do I love you tons or what. :jumpclap

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awwww hee hee thank you DM :hi
Though once again its very tiny, and only all about rought hunting..
Theres tons of subjects to go throught aka armors, mining, crafting, and all the second degree professions..
But yes, at least i think it can make the light on the basics about how to pick some gear and follow a path :rolleyes:

Hope you enjoy your MaxMorning :p


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Not long ago a new player scanned me and saw my Attributes,

Health 114

Intelligence 52

Agility 51

Strength 42

Psyche 41

Ant they thought I was high level.

Sadly I had to tell them I was not. My highest combat profession was 11th and assured them they would gain Attributes quickly.

I honestly don’t know if I told him the truth, as I don’t know if my attributes are higher or lower than normal for a player of my experience, apx 65,000 skill points at the time.

But I do pay attention to both Attribute and Skill gains from my activities to learn what is best for my play style.


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I love this and am finding it very helpful. I have one question though. ( I would not be me if i did not have a question) just as an example and not for real playability...

"Look up at Agility.
Agility, HP increase at 40 points, not hidden so no requirement.
This means, gain 40 points in Agility = gain 1 HP. = Gaining Attiributes gives HPs."

Does this mean every 40 agility I earn will grant me 1 HP, or I only get 1 HP only the First Time I gain 40 agility?


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Your correct GK, youll gain 1 HP every 40 agility. But thats a total. Meaning, if you get 20 points agility, that be 1/2 HP gained already. It goes up as your skills / attributes goes up, not once it reached the "40".

So its very important to focus on skills/attributes that gives HP at a faster rate (Courage / athletics / strenght / melee combat / martial arts / commando / etc etc)

Im glad it has been helpful to you :)

Dont hesitate to ask if still puzzled, theres no stupid question :)

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