Uber Mining Setup (Imp Exca t1, Mod Refiner, UL lv 7 amp, Tm3 T9)


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I am taking offers on this setup, considering to switch up my activities abit. I am only willing to sell as a set.

* Not willing to sell individually. Because if I miss parts of this set, it's a big detriment. So a few have asked for Refiner or Tm3 alone, and the answer is I am not willing to part with them separately.

Amp/Finder/Refiner Currently Rented Out at 3.3k PED for June.

Terramaster 3 Gold Rush tier 9.99
Finder decay is mostly returned in loot.
Full 9 enhancer Depth : 1055m

Genesis Star Excavator Improved Tier 1
Most Eco Excavator ingame.

Modified Refiner
Most Eco Refiner ingame. (Only 1 exists)
Uses: 305923 Total
Refines/PEC: 76.92 Refines

Unlimited Level 7 Amplifier

Can consider adding Mining spots as part of the deal. We will see.

* Just for the folks to know. It's a pure PED printing setup :).
Potential Earnings are 7-12k/month at a 100-150kped/monthly cycle. Can be much more if you mine and play EU Full time (Up to ~25k monthly profit at the right places with high enough cycle)

Items of interest: AUDs, CLDs, Cat 4/5/6/7 Setup, Rare High QR BPs [UL 6a/5b/beast/dante, etc bps], FEN Weapons, LAs, Shops
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