Unique Fashion Show at the Citadel by King Scott


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While on Toulan, I am generally stationed at the Citadel because I can play Hostess to everyone coming and going ... it's the landing zone for people coming out of space. I think the Citadel is the perfect place to become the Hub of sorts.

On Tuesday night, there was a nice level of activity at the Citadel with people stopping to say hello, lots of chat in the Toulan chat channel, and then King Scott decided to give us a fashion show after a few were checking out my Hostess outfit that Summer put together for me.

I would say the following is quite unique, and perhaps a bit of Cthulhu dark magic going on for some of the looks:

Entropia 2020-09-08 15-22-37-38.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-07-23-89.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-19-01-59.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-08-12-32.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-09-52-78.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-11-31-37.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-11-39-97.png
Entropia 2020-09-08 15-14-17-51.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-15-22-75.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-15-55-72.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-16-00-14.png

EGROCK posed in solidarity with King Scott and the Cthulhu look.

Entropia 2020-09-08 15-11-01-20.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-11-12-37.png

And NoBion who paid Toulan a visit showed off his Lion armor.

Entropia 2020-09-08 15-56-12-65.png Entropia 2020-09-08 15-56-17-31.png

Then King Scott decided to take on a totally new look, but that didn't last long.
With Dakanti and I healing Martin, this dude went down. :p

Entropia 2020-09-08 15-40-02-41.png

I love the Citadel ... it's perfect for all kinds of activities ... even unique fashion shows and other unexpected things. :thumbsup


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Brilliant :)

How does King get that look on his skin it's amazing
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